National Chaverim Conference Held On Thursday Night


20150514_204259-2The sole difference between a dream and reality is: Passion! And if there is one way to describe the air at last night’s event, the word is, once again, passion. Therefore it is no wonder that Chaverim is one of the leading organizations in the world. Nothing stays a dream for too long at Chaverim. The passion quickly transforms it into reality.

Last night, May 14th, Chaverim coordinators from all Chaverim branches gathered at a ‘National Chaverim Conference’ to discuss issues that crop up on daily basis in the headquarters of this special organization.

A key topic discussed at the conference was the role the local Chaverim organization plays in alerting the community of important safety messages such as: scams, kids’ safety, law awareness, and more. Proper education is the first step in tackling issues in the community.

The conference was organized by ‘Interstate Chaverim’, which currently includes hundreds of volunteers hailing from more than twenty existing Chaverim branches.

Interstate Chaverim utilizes the fountains of experience, wellsprings of dedication, and the sheer number of volunteers from existing Chaverim organizations and channels these resources to create a solution for those calls that occur in places that are not covered or are located between an existing Chaverim organization.

Thousands of stranded individuals have already been helped through Interstate Chaverim’s system. The calls range from places as far as Arizona and the Lake Ontario to as mundane as the interstate highway.

If you or your loved one is stranded on the road, chas ve’shalom, don’t hesitate to call your local Chaverim branch, and they will connect you to Interstate.

The Conference took place at the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ, and was attended by coordinators from the following Chaverim Organizations: Brooklyn/Catskills, Cherry Hill, Five Towns/Far Rockaway, Great Neck, Interstate, Jersey Shore/Deal, Kiryas Joel, Lakewood, Montreal/Tosh, New Square, Newark, Passaic/Clifton, Queens, Rockland, Sea Gate, Staten Island, Teaneck, Toronto, Union City & Union County. Chaverim coordinators of Cleveland, Baltimore, and Chicago joined via live hookup.

In addition, Interstate Chaverim took great pleasure in welcoming the two newly established Chaverim organizations from Union City and Staten Island that both just started off within the last year. Interstate Chaverim extended its heartfelt gratitude by honoring Kiryas Joel Chaverim and the Union County Chaverim organization for their constant support and teamwork on behalf of Interstate Chaverim.

All participants and behind-the-scenes organizers of the event played a key role in the amazing success of last night’s event.

May we all be Zoche to safe trips and smooth experiences.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)