Lieberman: I Have Nothing Against Chareidim but they Have Gone Too Far


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lieYisrael Beitenu leader MK Avigdor Lieberman spoke with Kol Chai Radio on Monday morning 29 Iyar. He used the forum to explain why he opted to enter the opposition instead of joining the coalition. He also address relations with the chareidi parties.

“We explained very clearly that we have a commitment to defined agenda and the current coalition is not acceptable to us. This issues include immigration and absorption, giyur and nationality. Most of the issues important to us do not exist [in this coalition] and therefore there we have no reason to be a part of it, a coalition without taste or smell”.

He continued stating the current coalition “is disguised as a right-wing coalition and if the government wishes to dress up as right-wing it should be known that we are before Shavuos and not Purim, and this is not the season for disguises. The government headed by Netanyahu betrayed the principles of the right-wing upon which it was based in the past and a true right-wing party has no relevance there”.

Regarding the fact many believe he did not join the coalition because of the inclusion of the chareidi parties, Lieberman explained “I have nothing against the chareidi parties but this time around they have gone too far in their demands and they left me without any alternative”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “gone too far”- that children shouldn’t starve,that religious boys not be criminalized for not serving in a army that wants to secularize them???
    they should have demanded a lot more like preferential employment in gov’t jobs to offset the very real discrimination against them!!!