Sirens Sounding in the Negev Region [UPDATED 11:24 IL]


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kas11:16 IL: Sirens are sounding in Netiv HaAsarah, Yad Mordechai and neighboring communities. The IDF is checking into the situation to determine if it is a false alarm or a rocket attack from Gaza. Updates to follow.

11:24: B’chasdei Hashem, the rocket fell short of its intended targeted, landing in Gaza.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The Israelis are guilty of genocide. They made it fall in Gaza! Hey Mr. UN Monkey Boon, condemn Israel at once!
    Get the Hague open immediately! This is an atrocity by the Israeli feind! They’re supposed to let that rocket land in Israel and they, they, they…. um, um! They’re guilty of war crimes!
    חסדי ה