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PHOTO: Vehicle In Monticello Has Message Telling Jews To ‘Go Home’ (Taken At ShopRite On Route 42)


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  1. I’m not a daily reader on this highly intelligent blog I might start after this smart post. This is what we call journalism Full detail of the story behind the picture. What’s app is a great source, why not? Just download what’s app and never bist this stupid blog aka news!!hiwever is behind this should work for the Washington post. I can’t see why they would hire him/her!!

  2. I think the YWN editors have it all wrong. The owner of this truck is clearly a supporter of Israel as a Jewish state, as he wants the Jews to go “home.” And if you believe that, you probably also believe that the display of the Confederate battle flag (which I prefer to call the Flag of Treason in Defense of Slavery) is just a celebration of US Southern heritage.

    Moderators Response: What does YWN have wrong? Where did YWN say anything other than “PHOTO: Vehicle In Monticello Has Message Telling Jews To ‘Go Home’ (Taken At ShopRite On Route 42)”

  3. Obviously an anti-semite. On the other hand, Jews should also be wanting to go home to an Israel run under Torah law under the government of Moshiash.

  4. What’s the difference between thinking that or posting it on the vehicle? There’s no secret; we are in galus.

  5. Its not just against Jewish people. It’s a small country town and in the summer it becomes like the city. It’s frustrating.

  6. This has nothing to do with being in golus or not. For a period of time before WWII, the Nazi government in Germany advocated mass relocation of its Jews to Madagascar, and even tried to encourage immigration to E.Y. (Palestine in those days). Jews should examine the possibility of moving to E.Y. Non-Jews who are “encouraging” it are anti-Semites.

  7. The locals always resented our descending upon them, but the ones with brain realize that they survive economically on Jew.

    While I believe it is time for all Jews to come home, while we are unfortunately there, we should make a Kiddish Hashem.

  8. BS”D

    Uh, ten stories up (I mean news stories, not flights of stairs) in YWN there is a story captioned “An Appeal for Kiddush Hashem this Summer.” Isn’t it possible that the owner of this vehicle is expressing some of the frustration that is hinted to in the above article?

    Shouldn’t Yidden see this sign on the back of the car as a relatively friendly reminder of the points made in the above article? Why wouldn’t we want the sign to read “Welcome Back!”? Please think of all the stories told of Gedolim who acted with politeness, courtesy, and respect to non-Jews, and the benefits — tangible or not — that resulted. And these Gedolim knew that Eisav sonei l’Yaakov, and they still acted as they did.

    We should get a geshmack out of being a Kiddush Hashem and bringing a smile to face of a non-Jew in the Catskills (and elsewhere).

  9. I’d it is a sign for us to go home back to Eretz Yisroel. Maybe the next yid that sees this person should tell him “I would gladly go home if you would pay my expenses and a salary.” JMHO 😉😂

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