Yes Planet Entertainment Complex in Yerushalayim to Begin Operating on Shabbos


yesThe new Yes Planet entertainment complex in Yerushalayim is set to open. According to a MyNet report, the complex will begin operating on August 11, 2015, with officials reporting over 100 professionals including electricians, construction workers, and others are completing the finishing touches ahead of the grand opening. Operators points out that while they will be officially opening, most restaurants and cafes will not be ready in time with the likely exception of McDonalds and Café Joe.

The new complex includes 16 movie theaters (I MAX) situated on 28,500 square meters. There is an underground parking lot with 400 parking spaces. Operators boast a pub will be opening offering 55 different beers on tap, along with many restaurants and eateries.

The new complex is supposed to be operating on Shabbatot, located in the southeastern capital in the Abu Tur Armon HaNatziv area on Naomi Street.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)