MK Yogev: The High Court Has Made Itself The Enemy Of The People And The Nation


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yogavMK Moti (Bayit Yehudi) has once again decided to speak out against the Supreme Court, stating “the court has made itself an enemy of the people and the nation”. Yogev a few short weeks ago spoke out harshly against the nation’s High Court, stating it should be bulldozed. When Members of Knesset and others condemned the lawmaker’s statements, some demanding a police investigation against him, he issued a retraction.

Yogev was commenting on a ruling of the High Court that declares a Knesset bill passed into law ‘illegal’. The law pertains to detaining illegal migrants from African nations in detention centers. Angered at the ruling, Yogev lashed out against the court once again, stating the court does not defend the nation or its rights.

He laments the fact the High Court does not permit the State of Israel to protect itself against illegal aliens, “which in many cases become involved in crime and join crime organizations as well as not permitting the state to defend against other things. It neutralizes the state’s ability to protect and defend its people, or to defend residents of southern Tel Aviv or those poor souls in neighborhoods of Ashdod and Eilat, but it works against them. This is not acting on the behalf of others who do not have legal status here”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. He WAS right – it SHOULD be bulldozed. The Israeli High Court is full of bleeding heart liberals, and is the largest sole cause of the government’s anti-Jewish actions, including not persecuting Palestinian rioters who commit terrorism, not putting terrorists to death, not allowing construction on Israeli lands, capitulating regarding the Har Habayit, not allowing Jews a legal basis to defend themselves against violent Arabs, and destroying Torah Judaism in whatever way they are able to. The Israeli High Court is a cancer on the land. V’kol hazedim kerega teshaber!

  2. One can criticize the Supreme Court without resorting to crass, inflammatory speech. Though I too am frequently disappointed by the decisions of Bagat”z, I am also disappointed when a MK, especially a religious MK, expresses his opposition in such a low manner.