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3 Children Extricated from a Parked Vehicle in Yerushalayim During Heatwave

cicIchud Hatzalah reports its responders were first on the scene on Yerushalayim’s Torah M’Tzion Street on Monday afternoon 2 Elul. As the city experiences a heat index in triple digits, three children were left in a vehicle that was parked. Ichud says “it was a miracle that they did not require medical care” but EMT Yossi Refaeli, who was on the scene reports when he arrived and saw three children in a vehicle, who he was told were locked in for 15 minutes.

Yossi adds the vehicle was running and the air conditioning was on, saving the children.

cic(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. When will parents ever learn not to leave kids in the car? It keeps happening over and over and they just don’t seem to get it!

  2. Well the a/c was on that’s why they didn’t need medical attention. So much for the miracle. More like much ado about nothing if you ask me. You can tell this Hatzolah member isn’t very smart.

  3. #2 you are clearly a genius. You must have undergone all the rigorous training to become a first responder, not to mention the meiseros nefesh to miss family time & simchos. Next time you leave kids in the car, be sure to leave the AC on. Since you are smarter than Hatzolah.

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