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Suspect Who Murdered 2 Virginia TV News Journalists During Live Broadcast Has Killed Himself [UPDATED 2:35PM]

VLFSuspected gunman in the murders of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, during a live morning broadcast outside Roanoke, reportedly has shot himself. The gunman, identified as Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, was a former station employee who went by the on-air name ‘Bryce Williams.’

A law enforcement official says the suspect in the on-air shooting of two TV station employees died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Franklin County Sheriff W.Q. “Bill” Overton Jr. gave that detail Wednesday during a news conference.

Officials say suspect Vester Flanagan died at 1:26 Thursday at a hospital in Northern Virginia. Authorities say the man killed his former co-workers — reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward — during a live broadcast for WDBJ-TV on Wednesday morning outside a shopping mall.

The station has said Flanagan went by Bryce Williams on the air. While he worked at the station, they say, he was angry and difficult to work with. He was fired.

About 6:35 Wednesday morning, a reporter and cameraman were killed while doing a live broadcast outside a shopping center in central Virginia for WDBJ-TV. The shooting was broadcast live.

Video of the shooting was later posted on the Twitter account and Facebook page of someone under the name Bryce Williams. The video showed an outstretched arm holding the handgun and firing repeatedly at Parker as she tried to run away.


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  1. It is absurd that american jews defend the present gun status quo

    One could espouse the Second Amendment

    all they desire

    But how could they answer this:

    Were private citizens in 1790 allowed/entitled to own cannon?
    How about armed frigates?

    Concealed handguns are more dangerous and are the cause of more deaths than any of the above

    It is perfectly fine, and about as much a deterrent for burglars, if you have a shotgun or semiautomatic rifle in your house and you could just as proudly proclaim yourself a gun owner

    The rest of the world views with smirking bemusement american resistance towards any change in the gun culture, invoking all the usual mantras e.g.
    “Guns don’t kill , people kill ”
    “ guns have nothing to do with crime”,
    “one good person with a gun, the shooter would have likely been stopped”,etc.,etc.

    Be realistic, feels less safe in the US
    B. Cops,for one, have a higher fatality rate in states that have lenient gun regulations

  2. #3:

    Your argument is absurd and utterly bereft of facts.

    Yes, concealed handguns cause more deaths than cannons every year. They also cause more deaths than nuclear weapons. The argument is pointless. By the way, cars kill more people than handguns — far more. By your line of reasoning, we should outlaw cars.

    It’s mighty nice of you to concede the right to keep a gun in your home, but since almost 80% of violent crimes occur OUTSIDE the home you’re basically saying that it’s only ok to defend yourself 20% of time. Thanks for nothing.

    The FACT is that every state that issues (legal) concealed carry permits has seen immediate and dramatic drops in murder, rape and assault rates. For example, Florida saw it’s homicide rate drop from 36% above the national average to 4% BELOW in the first year after passing a CCW law — despite predictions from liberals like you that it would turn into Dodge City.

    You are under the desperately naive assumption that making the carrying of a handgun a crime will stop criminals from carrying handguns. If you really believe that, then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

    FACT: States with restrictive CCW laws have, on average, a 10% higher murder rate and an 11% higher overall violent crime rate than those states with less restrictive laws.

    I could provide you page after page of statistics that support my point but I would prefer a real-life story. I have had a CCW for more than a decade. That fact has saved me from criminal assault on three seperate occasions. In your world I would just be another victim… maybe even dead. But I guess that works for you.

  3. #3 It is Time for Truth – It really is time for truth. Please tell us how you happen to have knowledge of legal ownership of a gun by this sick individual. As of yet I have not read if this sick pig acquired his gun legally or illegally. Doesn’t it make sense to hold your comments until this is clarified? After all, if he had illegal possession of a gun then you’ll now look totally foolish and your point is lost.

  4. It certainly is time for the truth rather than the ridiculous distortions of the gun grabbing Leftists.

    John Lott has produced studies that show the place that allow legal carry, concealed or open, have much less gun crime and even less regular crime than gun controlled areas.

    How come severely gun controlled Washington DC and Chicago have the highest rate of gun murders? The answer is simple. Laws don’t stop criminals from getting guns and only prevents the law abiding public from protecting themselves.

    Gun free zones should be called free fire zones for criminals and terrorists. Even the armed forces have suffered massacres such as from Nidal Hassan because they were forced to be gun free.

    The chief of police of Detroit has requested that citizens have guns and over 2 years murders and other crimes have fallen dramatically due to law abiding gun ownership.

    The best protection for the public is common ownership of guns by law abiding citizens as has been proven in real life time and time again.

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