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State Prosecutor: Get Tough on Stone Throwers

parState Prosecutor Shai Nitzan has instructed prosecutors to get tougher in cases prosecuting persons for rock attacks. Nitzan also calls on police and the IDF to adopt a stricter policy in dealing with rock-throwers.

Nitzan wants prosecutors to request holding stone-throwers without bail during their trial. This directive is in line with recent Knesset legislation permitting a significantly stricter jail term for persons convicted of rock-throwing attacks.

Nitzan also instructs prosecutors to request the maximum jail term in cases of rock-throwing attacks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Rocks injure
    Rocks cause crashes
    Rocks kill
    Rocks maim
    Rocks can live you in a vegetable state
    Rock throwing is answer first time water cannon and stun
    After this only with live fire
    First to shoot knee caps and elbows
    After shoot only to kill

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