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BREAKING: Near Lynch Of 5 American Yeshiva Bochrim Near Hebron – Hats And Tefillin Seen On Floor In Breaking Photos [12:20PM ET]


A car with Yeshiva Bochrim narrowly escaped a lynching on Thursday afternoon.

According to breaking reports and initial photos from the scene, it appears a vehicle with Yeshiva students lost their way near Hebron while driving to Meoras HaMachpela, and entered an Arab village. Their car was surrounded and ransacked, with their tefillin and black hats strewn all over the street. The mob of attackers then firebombed the vehicle.

It appears that the IDF was able to rescue the boys, who are now outside the village, and inside an armored IDF vehicle.

One of them, has suffered light injuries.

Police released a statement saying that the vehicle was occupied by 5 Americans.

Additional information will be added when it becomes available.

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(Fred Silverstein – YWN)

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  1. Hashem yeracheim! Thats a Thrifty car we all rent here. Oh my, so scary. I just finished reading on Dansdeals about coverage on such a car.

  2. Americans, heh?

    Question: Will we hear anything out of the race baiter in chief, Barack Obama? How about that old war hero, the great John Kerry? Susan Rice? That Israel lover, the fat pervert, Jerry Nadler? The self hating Jew, Dan Shapiro? Cory Booker? Etc….

    Answer: Of course not! They’re all too busy trying to throw Israel under the bus by arming Iran! They are all trying to hasten Israel’s destruction!

    And these Palestinian ANIMALS is who the Democrat Party wants Israel to make “peace” with???

  3. It was almost such a Chavaya to rent a car, what, to chap arein a trip to Chevron. Why take a bus and be stuffed with a bunch of Israeili’s? Because the bus driver knows the way and the army knows the bus!

  4. Bottom line – A Yid should be able to go anywhere in Israel. He should not be faulted for mistakenly entering a so called ‘Arab village’ – why is anyone blaming the boys – it’s time to stop treading lightly in our own country.
    A solution – send in a car with armed undercover soldiers – when they are attacked – come out shooting – indiscriminately and with deadly force. Do it enough times and the attackers will think twice about lifting a finger against any Jew. I know it sounds extreme – extreme violence calls for an extreme response.

  5. Is is very easy to blame the victims.

    the real blame goes to THE WAZE APP

    5 USA tourists here for 4 weeks wanted to daven at maaras hamechpela. Waze sent them through an Arab part of Chevron.
    They were surrounded by arabs so they ran out of the vehicle. An arab said follow me to his home, so they did. The army came to recue them.
    They left inside their car, two pairs of tefillin, money, passports and their belongings. they lost it all, BUT THEY ARE ALIVE.

    We are in Elul, for this month, I want to practice the miyzva of being dan likaf zechus not dan likaf chova.

    shana tova

  6. Why always blame the victims?
    You have never made a wrong turn?

    The aggressors are the enemies who hate Jews/Israelis, BH MIRACLE sent by hashem with IDF messengers. Now those who are asking….bein hazamanim, yes, no, why are they there? You are all missing the point.

  7. This is who Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama want us to make peace with and live as neighbors? This is who Ban Ki Moon sides with every? Then they wonder why Israel isn’t about to trust them on the Iran deal?

  8. These bochurim wanted to go to a holy place to daven – of course they have every right but since we’re dealing with such animals they should stay put

  9. What posses these comments about why they were not learning?? Its not your buissness. maybe they finished a few messchtas and decided to let loose and relax so they can have koichis to carry on thru shas. The bottom line is a yid has to judge other yidden favorably. Especially in the times of ellul bec hashem judges us mida keneged mida, we should all zoche to a happy safe year

  10. Imagine if the tables were turned and there was a near lynching by a Jewish mob who firebombed a car driven by Arabs…
    It would hit every paper, everywhere….
    Not a word in a single paper in New York or chutz la’aretz about this event.
    It’s shameful.
    There needs to be a law against biased reporting, similar to falsifying information.
    And the Arab who sheltered the Jews… a man like that restores my faith in humanity.

  11. “Imagine if the tables were turned…”

    Yes, that is true. Imagine an adult running around a department store breaking things; that might make the news. If your three-year-old does that, it won’t. It’s not because people are biased against adults, but rather because certain behavior is to be expected from children but not from adults.

    So, not making a big fuss doesn’t illustrate anti-semitism, biased reporting, etc. Instead it illustrates lower expectations of this group of inner-city thugs. Please do not compare us to them — I do not want to be judged to the same standards as inner-city thugs. I imagine you don’t really want that either.

    Good shabbos.

  12. Mention the word bochurim and you get this automatic reaction from some commenters “why weren’t they learning all day every day”.

    Tell these same commenters that all of our 17-22 yr olds should learn all day and they’ll say ” no, not all bochurim are capable. This is what causes OTD crises. You need yeshivos that give such bochurim time off to do “normal” things.”

    You can never win.

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