PHOTOS: Man Outside Satmar Shul In Stamford Hill Yells ‘We Need To Kill All Jews’ And Smashes Car Window; Police And @ShomrimOfficial On Scene


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  1. The ONLY thing we, as a Nation can do, is Daven to HaShem. Yes, we can protect ourselves when necessary. Yes, there are police (B”H). But what we NEED to do is to turn our eyes to the Borey Olam and plead for Him to help His children.

    May the Karbonas already taken be enough to let His Rachamim flow. H”YN.

  2. We need much more than davening. Yes, davening is necessary and a mitzva deoraisa b’eis tzara, but we also need to do teshuva! It’s much easier to daven then to do the inner work of ironing out the kinks of our krumkeit. It does not look like Hashem will let us off so easy. Reread those last parshios of Chumash Devarim and see what Hashem wants of us…

  3. They don’t care what kind of yid we are.They want to kill every single yid in the world.Please learn how to defend yourself,and buy a weapon legally.This is the reality around the world.Defend yourself.