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LIVESTREAM: ‘OTD: Why Is It Happening And What Can We Do About It? [Agudath Israel Convention 2015]

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  1. I thought the purpose of the session was to discuss why kids are going off the derech. Instead the discussion was basically what to do once they are off the derech. why was their no discussion that possibly our chinuch system should not be geared only to the aleph students but to all students as a whole.maybe they should discuss the lack of a proper curriculum in many yeshivas.Most 13 year old kids cannot sit and learn gemmarrah 6 hours a day.Nothing wrong with teaching high school and bais medrash kids pirush hatefilla, halacha, nusach hatefilla,hilchos bais haknesses, public speaking and some math and science.Even the best kids in yeshiva today know very little of the topics I discussed which are the basics of yidishkite.
    of course at the Agudah convention they wouldn’t discuss the excesses of todays society that creates a great divide between the haves and the haves nots and if you are a have not you are a nobody causing kids to go off the derech.
    why wasn’t it discussed that kids are not foolish and they see people who are lacking in midos , yiras shamayim and are Torah illiterate given the biggest kovod by yeshivas and mosdos just because they have money, while true emesa yidden, talmidei chachomim, yirei elioikim are nobodies.
    The speakers missed the boat and the issue at hand was totally avoided like most problems in today’s society.

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