Chareidim Angered Over New Israel Scouts Branch in Kiryat Yovel


shrJerusalem City Hall this week proudly announced the opening of a new branch of the Israel Scouts, in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood.

Chareidi City Councilman R’ Shlomo Rosenstein sent an angry letter to Mayor Nir Barkat, pointing out that while he celebrates the new scouts’ facility, the discrimination against the growing number of chareidim in Kiryat Yovel continues.

In his harshly written letter to the mayor Rosenstein writes “Today I saw the photos of the housewarming of the Kiryat Yovel scouts. There is no limit to the chutzpah and shame. The 1,500 chareidi families in the neighborhood are regularly and systematically discriminated against in an apartheid fashion regarding all activities pertaining to the local minhal (community government) and this is all with silent support of the mayor and the city administration”.

Rosenstein continues, explaining that while there is joy over the new scouts’ facility, the chareidi children are subjected to deplorable conditions. “I saw the smiles of the participants in the housewarming who were aware of yet another victory against the chareidim in the city administration for they are unable to advance anything, even towards preventing the discrimination against the children”.

Rosenstein explains the victory for the anti-chareidim is twofold as they have their scouting facility and thereby prevent the chareidim from using another building. He speaks of the apartheid policies when it comes to Kiryat Yovel’s chareidi families, and how City Hall “spits in our faces, laughs at us, and smiles for the cameras for another structure perpetuates the shame”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What’s wrong with Israeli Scounts? Time to start a Charedei group of scouts!!!

    What building was used? What was this building’s prior use?? Are there representatives advocating for buildings for Charedim? What is holding it back??

  2. I wonder how the non-Hareidi in Beit Shemesh feel for having, as one example, their enriched program school and facilities taken from them and given over to the Hareidi who have no use for the enrichment facilities. And where are these non-Hareidi students who had just lost their school suppose to go? Well, to the very building far away that the Hareidi refused to use themselves because it was so uninhabitable.