Mivakshei Emunah Rebbe Calls for Burning the iPhones


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Hundreds of מבקשי אמונה chassidim were on hand in Meah Shearim, taking part in the ceremony to burn the wicks from Chanukah.

Prior to beginning the annual event, the Rebbe Shlita spoke of the blow to the kedusha of the camp posed by today’s technology, calling on everyone to burn the technology.

The rebbe explained his father, the Bal Divrei Emunah ZT”L did not place anything into the fire burning the wicks but today, anyone who has an iPhone or any device with internet connectivity, is asked to place into the fire and burn it.

The rebbe held a tisch following the burning during which he handed out coins.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. You can play these childish games in Israel where people lap up this nonsense. Let’s see if he tells his American financiers to burn their phones! I have been to one of his “tischen” and it is just one big show.

  2. Don’t you think this is a bit extreme?? Since when does Torah Judaism act in such extreme matters. Use technology but for positive things and if you know that you have little or no self-discipline then utilize a filter. But burning smartphones?

  3. Certainly if those people who were not able to learn for 10 hours a day properly got a 9-5 job then spent 3-4 hours learning, they wouldn’t have the time or desire to be using the Internet for wrongdoing.