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Arrests in Emanuel as Police Uncover a Gang of Chareidi Youths

mishtShock would best describe the atmosphere in the chareidi community of Emanuel today as police arrested youths, ages 11-13, involved in a gang believed responsible for criminal activity.

The suspects were questioned by police and have admitted to their actions. Other children are also involved and additional arrests may take place.

Some of the crimes attributed to the gang include breaking into a bus, stealing phones and money, damaging vehicles, breaking into the mikve and stealing money from that location, graffiti and damage and vandalism to property.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Pretty sure that it is Asur Al Pi Halachah to believe reports like this one and the earlier one about 60 drug dealers arrested between Meah Shearim and Beit Shemesh … who says? The media? That bastion of unbiased factual reporting?

  2. #3: If someone told you that a kid who went bad was trying to get your child into drugs, would you also say, “Pretty sure it is asur al pi halacha” to believe him? I don’t think so. So why are you being “frum” (actually “chossid shoteh” is a better phrase) when the victims are someone else’s kids?

    It is a fact that some of the kids that fell off the derech are into drugs and other criminal activities and they are active in their own, frum, neighborhoods. To the extent that they pull in others they are rodfim and need to be treated as such.

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