Report: Samir Kuntar Killed in IAF Aerial Attack in Syria


IMG-20151220-WA0062The Syrian media reports on Sunday morning 8 Teves that the terrorist who perpetrated the terror attack in Nahariya in 1979 in which four people were murdered, was eliminated during the night in an Israeli attack. This refers to Samir Kuntar, who was released by Israel in 2008 in an exchange for the bodies of IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser HY”D and Eldad Regev HY”D.

According to the Syrian report, also killed in the IAF aerial assault were Farhan Shalan, a Syrian Resistance Army officer as well as a number of Hizbullah terrorists, Iranian officers and civilians. The resistance army operates in the Golan Heights area and backs Syria President Bashar al-Assad.

Using Twitter and other social media, Bassam, a brother of Samir, reported his brother was killed in the attack that targeted an apartment building.

Following his release from Israel, Hizbullah placed Samir Kuntar in charge of creating a new front against Israel, along the Syrian Golan Heights.

There has not been any official comment on the attack from Israeli officials.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. @ garlic, they passed a special bill to execute him, since his crime was especially heinous.
    They never implemented it, due to concern from the international community. The report down plays how terrible his crimes were. He never showed remorse, bragging about bashing a toddler’s head in. Big brave man he was, killing a 4 year old girl in a vicious way.
    Good bye to bad rubbish, happy to see you go.

  2. I just read about Samir Kuntar on Wikipedia,he was a tremendous Rasha who should have been executed. The way he killed that 4 year old girl is unspeakable!