Mesader Kedusin Where Infamous Wedding Was Taken Says ‘Arabs Perpetrated the Duma Attack’


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stavRabbi Daniel HaKohen Stavsky was mesader keddushin at the controversial wedding which was the subject of the recent Channel 10 News report. The report showed dozens of mesamchim dancing while praising the fatal attack in Duma and shouting “nekama” (Revenge). The attack claimed the lives of three members of an Arab family and as led to widespread condemnation of the right-wing and religious communities.

Ynet quotes the rav explaining that this act, which is being attributed to Jews, was in fact carried out by Arabs together with members of the Jewish Unit of the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) and the ISA is now working to pin the heinous act on innocent Jews using unacceptable means including physicial torture and sleep deprivation.

The report adds Rav Stavsky, who is viewed by many as the rav of the so-called ‘Hilltop Youths’, remained at the wedding while the distasteful dancing including shouts of revenge took place.

The report adds the rabbi announced that ultimately, it will be revealed to all that Arabs perpetrated the arson attack and not Jews and this revelation will lead to great disappointment among the agents of the ISA’s Jewish Unit.

Rabbi Stavsky is no stranger to controversy, and is a member of the recently formed “Sanhedrin” which brought to to judgementPope Francis and US President Barack Obama in absentia. The rabbis called the two leaders to trial for crimes leading to the mortal endangerment of Israel and the Jewish nation.
Wedding video:

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. In a perverse way this rabbi is right. Jews who perpetrate these attacks, and their supporters in the video, and the rabbi himself, by committing and condoning such acts, are Arabs, not Jews. It is a shame that this rabbi wears a Charedi costume. I am tired of Torah being defamed by right-wing anti-Torah thugs!

  2. It is well known the family was killed by Arabs who had a dispute over land title with their neighbors, but BIBI and the Zionists enterprise dont like that fact as it does not fit their progressive narrative.

  3. I haven’t heard about this recent Sanhedrin thing — does anyone know anything else about it? Weird to me that someone organizing this thought that it’s a good idea to put this nutcase on it…

  4. If he has actual evidence that Arabs carried out the attack he needs to hand that over to Israeli security authorities.

    If he doesn’t do that, or if he is making stuff up, he will be contributing to Jewish blood through these irresponsible comments. 🙁