Skver Rebbe To Visit Israel Along With Hundreds Of Chassidim For First Time In 21 Years


skverIt has been 21 years since the Skver Rebbe has travelled with a large number of Chassidim to Israel .

But now he is scheduled to do so and for three weeks straight. Thousands of Skver chasidim from around the world are expected to fly with him to accompany him to Eretz Yisrael.

The purpose of the trip is to give chizuk to the Skver community in the Holy Land.

One thousand special guests will greet him and accompany him to the Kosel and to the various kvarim of Tzadikim in Israel. Their names will be inscribed in a special historical record of the event.

In Jerusalem, the Rebbe will be staying with Rabbi Avigdor Ostreicher, on Rechov Petach Tikvah.

There will be a huge tent to house the special Tishim that will be held. Thousands and thousands of guests are expected.

A special Tefilah session will be held at Kever Rachel and the Rebbe plans to daven next Shabbos at the Arizal synagogue in Tzfas.



  1. For those of us who don’t follow the ins and outs of Chassidic politics, does the Skevere Rebbe recognize the legitimacy of the medinah or is he more like the Satmar who are avidly anti-Zionist.

  2. Wow!
    Quite a story!

    Breathless tales of the thousands that will be flying to see him!

    And the thousands that will be coming to greet him there!

    Now, why would one have possibly thought the purpose of the trip was not to give chizuk to the Skverer community in EY, but to give kavod to the Skverer Rebbe?

  3. @gadolhadorah – Great question. Allow me to try to shed some light on the matter.

    Legitimacy of Medina: If by that you mean a right to exist, that is not really disputable by anyone as the powers who make such decisions have decided that Israel is a legitimate country. If, on the other hand, you mean do they believe it is not legitimate, and/or timely, to establish a secular nation at this time, all Jewish (Torah) leaders were, and are, in agreement, that it was not a wise move and that not all good will come from and certainly antisemitism would not be curtailed nor would it end, through its being established.

    I hope this was helpful.

  4. #1: What difference does it make? There’s a huge community of Skver Chassidim living here who pay gobs of VAT for everything they buy. Some thousands of additional tourists/visitors are coming because of the Rebbe’s visit. All of whom will be spending $$$ here for several weeks. Who cares about “recognition.” Recognize their financial contribution.

  5. We all need chizuk & a Rebbe & his Chassidim coming at this time is a zechut for all.

    Open your doors, put on a smile & say “ברוך הבא”

  6. Shauli who are “all” the leaders that you are talking about? Rav Kook zt”l definitely held otherwise and bty he’s the only person that the chazon ish called “moiry vrabbi”. As a matter of fact most torah leaders from before the war held that it’s a mitzvah.

  7. Kneidel- And Ravs Reinis, Kalischer, Mohiliver, etc. So Shauli, please don’t say ALL. Remember that 10 out of 12 spies said no, and the other 2 were correct. Other than psaks lehalacha in halacha matters , yahadus goes for truth, not necessarily the rov.
    As far as “secular” is concerned, the religious had the same opportunity to make Aliya and they could have been the rov.
    They can still do that by emigrating there and changing the culture. Frankly, it’s tiresome to hear all the whining about what was. The Ribbono Shel Olam made it happen and all the svoros of the learned won’t change it.
    If the frum, who constantly preach hashgacha protis won’t accept this, then something is very wrong.

  8. #10_ What will impress us more, is if he’ll visit other Jews also to give chizzuk, not just his Chassidim. What we need now is for the leaders to be mechazek All Jews from any circle and stripe. Let them be the ones who teach achdut in practicality.

  9. #7 exactly.
    YWN needs to make this clearer. He has been here numerous times in the past 21 yrs but this is something like a pilgrimage where the rebbe and the chassidim are travelling together. called a Massa.

  10. zionflag:



    But others object, as they see not only the kind of super-luxury that the Rebbe himself enjoys, but the luxury and special privilege enjoyed by his family members (100’s of them), for whom mosdos rules do not apply.

    Some also might question what makes this Rebbe so special, were it not for having been the son of the previous Rebbe.

  11. ZionGate and Kneidel, thank you for saying what needed to be said in response to Shuali’s error filled post. Chevra, a desire for historical and factual truth is sorely lacking in these discussions on YWN. It’s more in the nature of “the prejudices and biases I was raised with and the vehemence with I belueve in them are more important than the truth. And if I scream them really loud, I am right.” I don’t know, I learned in a right wing yeshivishe Bais Medrash. An “argument” for a pshat or chiddush had to be supported by truth and logic. Why is it any different out here. Why are so many of the frum out here satisfied with illogical, factually unsupported opinions? Aren’t we all smarter than that? Aren’t we all supposed to be striving for the truth…the kind that can be supported by logic and fact, not by blind ignorance and extremism? The kind of statements made out here would never fly in court or lehavdil in a Bais Din interested in the truth, or, it goes without saying, a Bais Medrash. Chosamo shel HKB”H emess.

  12. Actually, a big thanks to you, Moshe B. I’m confident that there are many, many who think like us but are too timid to challenge the prevailing anti-EY State mentality, especially when they produce false, revisionist, or snippets -taken-0ut-of-context history.

    Your comments give us chizuk. Chazak.

  13. I also agree with Zionflag and Knaidel and I attended Satmer school and still read Yiddish anti-Zionist newspapers ( Der Blatt, Der Yid).

    First of all, it is untrue what shauli said that most Rebbes are against the Israeli government. What happened, happened and they accept it and live in REALITY. Unnaceptance of reality makes people do strange things. Like causing Jew to fight Jew in the secular or Muslim press and thinking the Jew haters will love us and accept us if we condemn Zionism.

    The reason why most Rebbes are quiet regarding Zionism is because the Isrseli government is secular and supports immorality, wants to impose the draft on Chereidy males, etc. One can’t support such a government like that. But neither do the majority of Rebbes and thinking people want the violent Muslims or UN monitors from anti-Semitic countries that have no problem gassing and killing Jews to govern Israel. And therefore the wisest route to go is to accept reality as is and deal with it.

  14. Shlomo 2,

    What’s up with the hate?? And I’m not a Chossid but a Jew I am. I try to respect all Jews, and so should you, especially in these tough times for Klal Yisroel. The Goyim don’t differentiate between a Chabadnik,a Litvak, a Skvere, Gerrer, Satmar (R Aaron or R Zalman Leib), a Bluzhever, a Stoliner and for that matter a non-Orthodox, Reform or Conservative Jew either. We were all herded TOGETHER to the gas chambers and they would repeat it all over again. So can’t we join together and await Moshiach’s arrival without all the hate?

  15. Wow… what a heated discussion!

    For all those pro Zionists: worry not I can assure you that in this time in history you are the overwhelming majority. Philosopher is probably accurate about the reality of chariedy society and the majority of its current leaders. And Yes! The nuts that are doing their pro arab demonstrations are not helping.

    But where is the truth???
    Is creating and joining a state before Moshiach comes in our tradition? Is it permissible to be part of secular state that calls itself “Jewish” and have it run the affairs of Klal Yisroel?
    Does the fact that Zionists seemed to have sucsess mean that Hashem wants us to follow them??
    Christianity and Islam also seemed to be doing much better than Judaism… For all those who want to follow the majority and “sucess”!

  16. #23___ Tradition? Ramban, Radak, Rav Avrohom son of Vilna Gaon among others have predicted kibutz Golios and Jewish settlements BEFORE Moshiach. In fact, Rav Avrohom ( peirush on tehiliim) says that it’ll be Eliahu Hanava who’ll do much of the kibbutz. We have no tradition about Moshiach, only guesswork. There’s a klal that H”KB”H said ” Libi Lepumeh Lo Migalia”. Rav Hillel in Sanhedrin says that “Eyn Moshiach Leyisroel” , meaning H”B”H himself will do the kibbutz.
    Hashem wanted the frum to lead the Aliya but they unfortunately declined, so you have what you have now.
    The nations of the world approved of a Jewish State , Rava in Sanhedrin predicted that when the land will yield fruits & food, you know that the geula is on its way. This is happenening since 1948, and ALL of this because it’s Hashem’s will. Go move there and change the system.
    Now, please explain why Koresh is called Moshiach, the story of Yehuda & Tamar, Achashverosh the non-Jew married to Esther who was in major part responsible for the eradication of Haman’s edict.You don’t know the answer to these and certainly don’t know the answer to the State run by seculars AND frum parties. Hashem watches this tiny country and the miracles are obvious__ except to you.

  17. — And Eretz Yisroel never yielded a thing to the Babylonions, Christian pilgrims, Cruaders, Turks, Brits, Ottomans, Greeks, Palestians, Byzantines, — NOTHING until 1948. So you’re chas vesholam implying that Hashem is doing this great tease? Especially after the greatest Holocaust in history, where even the non-Jews lost between 30-60 million people?
    Yes, it’s Hakosh Boroch Hu’s will that Israel should come into existence in our time. His will rules, whether the frum want it or not, whether they like it or not.
    To delegitimize, curse and defame it is a risky business. Play Russian Roulette at your own risk.
    Again, move there and change the system or stop shedding croc tears already.

  18. Please learn Derishat Tziyon by Rav Kalischer & Eim Habonom Semeicho by Rav Teichtal ( excellent English translation by R’ Moshe Lichtman) for detailed explanations and reiyos FOR a Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisroel.Thanks.

  19. The Truth, the previous Belze and Ger Rebbes supported being in the Israeli government. The Chazzan Ish supported the learning of Ivrit…I’m not that familiar with what proportion of Rabbis before the Holocaust were against or for the settling in Israel. I’m sure they were all against specifically the secular character of Zionism, but not against settling in Israel as a great many Rebbes have done throughout the generations and many pious Jewish settlers have settled previously way before the Zionists. In addition, and very importantly, at the time the Arabs killed and murdered Jews before Israel’s independence, almost all Rabonim supported the Jewish defense of its people and they do so to this day. This is not going against one of the three shvious as it is merely defense of those who want to annihilate us. This is the majority of Chareidy Rebbes opinions. They have a different shittah than anti-Zionists. (Rabbis always had different opinions and historicaly halacha was decided according to the majority, BTW)

    It is erroneous to think that Muslims always had good relations with the Jews prior to the creation of a Zionist state. The relationship between the Jews and Arabs were dependent upon who the rulers were. The last great Arab rulers in the Middle East were the Ottomons who were historically moderate Muslims and generally were mild in their treatment towards the Jews. This fact does not take away from the fact that Jews have suffered in different times under Muslim rule ( never to the extent as the Jews in Europe did, though). Neither does this take away from the fact that a vast majority of the Muslims today are radicalized to the point where they engage in terror between themselves and different religions and cultures on a daily basis ( and we can’t blame Zionism here, can we?). Kol shekein, if they would have the ability to chash v’sholom kill Jews then they certainly would! Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, the Taliban, etc. they are all out to get us.

    I, as a frum Jew, continue to be mispallel that Hashem should give strength to the IDF to keep our enemies at bay ( even as I am against a draft for Chareidim) and I also daven that every single Yid returns to Hashem and His Torah, including secular Zionists, and He should please, please send Moshiach speedily.