NYC Council Votes To Give Itself 32 Percent Raise


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nyccThe New York City Council has voted itself a 32 percent pay raise.

Legislation passed Friday hikes council members’ salaries from $112,500 to $148,500.

An independent body known as the Quadrennial Commission had recommended raising many city lawmakers’ salaries. However, the figure it had in mind was $10,000 less than the amount approved by the council.

The raises come with major reforms, including strict limits on outside income.

Good government groups have criticized the raise, which takes effect immediately. City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito defended the process, saying the council was simply following the commission’s lead.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would not accept a raise this term. He makes $225,000.



  1. The raise should be related to the days they show up to work. A council member who’s there every day doing service of the people ouhht get his due while others who are so often absent ought not.

  2. How come no one asked US, the worthless taxpayer?! WE pay their salaries. WE are the ones who should decide if those do-nothing frauds should get any pay raise.