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German: Why Does Litzman Have Veto Power on Anything and Everything?


MK (Yesh Atid) Yael German, who served as Minister of Health in the previous administration, over the weekend expressed her disdain for the power given to the chareidi parties. She feels that the chareidim wield far too much power in proportion to their representation in the population of the country.

She spoke of the “veto power” the chareidim have in Knesset, citing her party has admitted it made mistakes and learned from those mistakes and today, Yesh Atid is indeed willing to be in a coalition with Yahadut Hatorah but the latter remains firm in its unwillingness to sit with Yesh Atid.

“All Governments of Israel must eliminate this veto authority. it is unacceptable for Yahadut Hatorah to have so much power when it represents 5% of the nation, and making decisions for 100% of the nation. Litzman, who is one minister, cannot have veto authority on all of the State of Israel. Yahadut Hatorah has vetoed civilian marriage, public transportation on Shabbos, surrogacy, kashrus, giyur. It is inconceivable” German stated, adding “The public health system is in jeopardy. For years the state has been spending less and less while the public is paying for more and more private health services. The trend is growing and it is dangerous. We are almost at the point that only one who can get private care will get good medical care while others will have to rely on the poor public system”.

In Litzman’s attack against German recently from the Knesset podium, he explains he has done more in the past six months for the nation’s health system than German did in her two-year tenure. “You did not do anything in the Health Ministry! You dare give me mussar! What did you do” he shouted at her from the podium.

In a Sunday morning 3 Adar-II interview with Kol Chai Radio, Litzman added that German unfortunately was too busy fighting Yiddishkheit instead of tending to the needs of the health system and this is apparent from the bleak state of affairs the system was in when he assumed office.

Litzman last week in Knesset blasting former Health Minister Yael German:

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. She is wrong; Litzman does not veto 5 issues (civilian marriage, public transportation on Shabbos, surrogacy, kashrus, giyur) he just insists on 1; the state must remain jewish! And on this one issue he’s got the majority of secular citizens behind him.

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