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Some Additional Details of the Brussels Explosion Near the American Airlines Check In

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At least explosions were heard in the Brussels Airport at about 8:00AM local time. Numerous news agencies are reporting the death toll in the combined attacks in Brussels as 23. According to these reports, the blasts occurred in a main departure terminal adjacent to the American Airlines check in station.

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed persons shouted in Arabic moments before the explosions were heard in the airport.

French President Francois Hollande is currently meeting with his Interior Minister to discuss what steps must be taken, if any.

Eyewitness Jef Versele told Fox News there was a pause between the two explosions and panic was widespread. This was at 8:00AM local time, with Jef reporting he saw smoke and passengers fleeing. He did not realize immediately it was a bomb.

Security experts agree that national leaders in a number of EU countries will be reevaluating the open borders policy permitting people to cross from one European country to another. Particularly worrisome of some countries is the large influx of migrants, which they feel poses an increased threat.

American Airlines has announced all flights scheduled to Brussels have been diverted to Amsterdam, Fox News is reporting.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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