PHOTOS: Large Food Distribution By Tov V’Chesed Organization




A wave of activity surrounds the entire facility as the minds and hands of scores of volunteers work together to pack, haul and load over 15,000 boxes of nutritious Pesach food.

Welcome to the Tov V’chesed warehouse, a singular hive from where 37,000 children are fed annually.

“14 years ago, I started out by feeding 200 local families. With the help of so many kindhearted Yidden, we’re now feeding thousands of children all across Israel,” ​says Tov V’Chesed founder Rabbi Yaakov Eliezer Shisha.

“I try to fulfill my childhood promise – made in the throes of shame that poverty brings – by feeding these kids with dignity.”

Indeed, each package that leaves the Tov V’Chesed premises is delivered to the recipient’s door, sparing them the humiliation of claiming their food in public.

Though this fourteenth distribution was an epic one, ​a small episode in the midst of the action jolted everyone ​back to a very harsh reality:

As the volunteers finished a bountiful meal during a much-needed lunch break, they noticed how young neighborhood children began to gather the leftovers to bring home to their families. The paradox of the situation was stark: inside, 40,000 pounds of matzah and chicken were being distributed while outside, poverty was still not cured.​
Employees at the Tov V’Chesed offices attest to the rise in poverty as they sort through the endless amount of applications pouring in: desperate families ​are still​ begging for food for Pesach​!​

You can join the hundreds who have already made a difference and contributed by visiting to make your generous donation today.

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