NY: 2,300 Nursing Home Residents Enjoy Bnos Bikur Cholim Visitors


agudFor many, summer is synonymous with long, sunny, carefree days. All children eagerly await the season when they are free to play and recharge themselves for the school year ahead. Unfortunately, there are those for whom summer is not met with excitement. Seniors residing in various Eldercare Residences know that the vacation season spells significantly fewer visitors as many people migrate north or south of their homes to enjoy a change of scenery. For these citizens, such a respite is, of course, impossible. The only change of scenery in their lives is brought about by the caring individuals who take from their time to visit within the confines of the walls in which these seniors live.

In an effort to remedy this state of affairs, Agudath Israel of America stepped in. Bnos Agudas Yisroel inter-generational connection between seniors and the younger generation by providing volunteer visits to nursing homes and homebound residents. This helps alleviate the isolation experienced by the elderly, as well as fosters a sense of accomplishment on part of the student volunteers who expand their understanding and commitment to their community as a result of this program, we accomplish this in many different ways such as the pairing up of various Day Camps with Nursing Homes in their area. Visits were arranged and executed. Cards were distributed, activities were enjoyed, and performances were presented. Smiles and laughs were shared. Yet most of all, the young participants gained an invaluable lesson: -Not only can giving be fun, but sometimes the most meaningful ‘fun’ is giving.

This year, seven Day Camps took part in this program throughout the summer and particularly during the 9 days, visiting more than 14 Nursing Homes in and around the tri-state area. That means over 200 children visiting approximately 2300 residents.

-Now that’s a lot of giving!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)