Betar Illit Mom Who Got A Drivers License To Assist Disabled Daughter Fired From Her Teaching Position


1A chassidish woman who lives in Betar Illit got a drivers license in the hope of making her disabled daughter’s life easier. The woman has been employed in education in the chareidi community for years and she is well known in the community. However, after she received her license she was dismissed from her teaching position.

The woman consulted with a prominent rav and their rebbe before going for her license, which she explains is simply to transport their young daughter who has been classified by Bituach Leumi as “100% disabled”.

After her case was reviewed the husband was told to get a license but after encountering difficulties, he was told to instruct his rebitzen to get a license to permit her to address the special needs of their daughter.

Despite the fact a rebbe instructed her to get the license, the decision was made to fire her from her teaching position. Kikar Shabbos News quotes someone close to the case quoting the principal of the school, who is familiar with the details surrounding the case saying “It doesn’t interest me. I will not tolerate a teacher with a drivers license”.

The teacher and her family refuse to comment on the story explaining they do not wish to cause a Chilul Hashem. Regarding the principal, she too has declined comment.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The principal is handicapped! Severely so!
    If דעת תורה issued such a p’saak, what is one to do – violate דעת תורה???? That would be preferable?
    I’d love to know which school and to ascertain that I never dive a dollar to that school. It is not a מקום תורה.

  2. A shanda for a principal to have a heart of stone and no compassion for a mother who is trying to ease her plight with her disabled child. Questionable whether such a person deserves to be a principal!!!

  3. It is a shame that the poor lady who got a heter from the rabonim to get a driver’s license got fired by a principal who will not tolerate any lady with a driver’s license.

    It is a shame that we have such inflexible people in position of power. They seem to cause more problems than do good.

    I would have recommend that the principal be fired for not taking into consideration what the rabonim said….

  4. The lady driver has already created a kiddush hashem by consulting with the family’s Rebbe who not just permitted but instructed her to get a licence to help her better care for her 100% disabled child. It is the school principal who has created a chillul hashem already. When will the community strike back against such unbelievably arrogant people? The lady teacher should sue in Labor Court and YWN should publish the principal’s name address and telephone number so that people can make her aware of what a disgusting individual she is and also know who to keep away from in shiduchim. Who would want a child of theirs marrying in to such a family where the mother has no ahavas Yisroel?

  5. What is interesting here is that the “Trief” Teacher consulted to Rabbanim and the “Kosher” principal is not quoted as having consulted any Rabbanim. Twisted world 🙁

  6. the fact that this can happen as we approach chodesh elul tells me that teshuvah from those who may have caused such behavior must be public and complete. as we say, when a fish stinks…..

  7. …it stinks from the head. This is likely not the principals decision, she is almost certainly taking the public derision from “the committee” that runs the school. She was placed in a no win situation and took the easy way out.

  8. Why can’t the Rav do something about this? Nebach, the teacher does everything right & then gets fired? This principal is a disgusting, narrow minded, bigot.