Trump Says Anthony Weiner Was A Security Risk


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Donald TrumpDonald Trump is praising the decision of Hillary Clinton’s top aide to separate from husband Anthony Weiner. And he’s blasting Clinton in the process by suggesting Weiner could have endangered national security.

Trump says Huma Abedin “is making a very wise decision” and that “she will be far better off without him.”

Abedin announced Monday she is leaving the former New York congressman after the latest scandal.

Trump, in a statement, criticized Clinton’s “bad judgment” in allowing Weiner “close proximity to highly classified information.” He offered no evidence that Weiner had access to classified material.

Trump said it’s possible “that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this.”



  1. What a clown, I guess according to his “logic” anyone with security clearance should be sequestered as long as they’re working for the government. He’s now getting top secret briefings, we could ask who might he be giving info to? Putin? His doorman?

  2. I understand the security clearance issue. His wife is Killary’s top aide and confidante & may well have shared some things with her husband. And he clearly is a very sick & depraved person, who could end up in a blackmail-type situation. I’m only surprised she didn’t leave him after the first scandal 4 years ago.