Big Kiddush Hashem As Sydney Hatzolah Helps Save Lives Of Multiple Drowning Victims On Beach


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119fac84-28c7-4f86-9e18-1c20d155af35The following is via Daily Mail UK:

Seven Indonesian students have been hospitalised after they were rescued from ‘freak’ surf while swimming between the flags at Sydney’s most iconic beach.

The group were on a school excursion to Bondi Beach on Tuesday when two of the boys, both 16, disappeared under the water for a ‘period of time’ at 12.30pm.

Their classmates rushed into the water to try and save the pair but were also dragged out by the ‘freak’ surf.

Lifeguards paddled out and dragged the two boys who had been ‘submerged for a period of time’ to shore.

They performed CPR while concerned beach-goers watched on as and paramedics and local Ambulance Community Responders rushed to the scene.

One boy was transported to St Vincent’s Hospital in a condition, while the other was taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Paramedics also took five other students to Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital as a precaution.

A spokesperson from the Children’s Hospital was unable to give an update on the condition of the students for privacy reasons.

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(Source: Daily Mail UK)


  1. What do we mean when we say kiddush Hashem? Do we think that onlookers saw Hatzolah save these boys and say, wow, רק עם חכם ונבון הגוי הגדול הזה? Do they say, wow, HKB”H is so wonderful? Or do they say, we’re so lucky these medic people with their funny caps and strings hanging out were they to save us? I’m guessing they are very greatful and appreciative — does that alone constitute kiddush shem shomayim?

  2. Kiddush hashem is in their kippa. Other than that the article doesn’t mention anything regarding their religion, affiliation, race.

  3. To ajewfrommonsey: I was thinking about that the other day. I think their winter is winding down and they are getting an early start into Spring… They are having high 60’s weather this week… The weather is rapidly getting warmer around the world… until everything will return to the way the weather was before the mabul.