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If you’ve have ever had to experience seeing a loved one go through treatment for cancer week after week, you would understand what we do at Zechus Chana.

When my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was overwhelmed by shock. All of her strength was used to comprehend and process what the doctors were saying. Her questions were endless. What did this mean? How would the cancer be treated? Where, and by which doctor?Once all of our initial questions were answered, things moved fast. Appointments were set and she had to reach them.

My mother lived in Brooklyn, and had to travel back and forth to Manhattan to receive her chemotherapy treatments, but she had no energy left to organize transportation. Thank G-d, a team of volunteer drivers stepped in. To my mother, those drivers were like angels sent from Heaven. The pure chesed she received from the volunteer transportation service in New York comforted my mother with a sense of relief. I felt and shared her gratitude for the heartfelt and life-saving service they gave her.

Zechus Chana was inspired by and named in her memory… Chana (Andrea)Shapoff, a”h
Zechus Chana Cancer Patient Transport has already extended its reach far beyond its age. Founded in November, 2015, Zechus Chana provides complimentary rides to and from the hospital for cancer patients in Beitar Illit, Israel. A city of over 50,000 residents. Within a few days after the first ad was published, calls for help began to come in. We currently provide over 200 rides per month to cancer patients and their families, easing their burdens with genuine assistance and lifting them up with compassionate care. 
Sadly, there is a dire lack of convenient transportation from Beitar Illit to nearby hospitals.
Zechus Chana strives to fill this gap, and our efforts depend heavily upon our wonderful volunteer drivers. By alleviating the stress of transportation, these amazing people devote their own personal time and energy to helping suffering patients fight their battle against cancer. Our drivers are true heroes. But as hard as they work volunteering their efforts, we still need more.

Would you be able to volunteer your time?

Unfortunately, we receive more and more phone calls from people struggling with cancer each day. After months of coping with cancer day in and day out, many families are broken emotionally, physically and financially.In addition to our volunteers, we have arranged for subsidized rides with a local taxi company. So, if you cannot give us your time, perhaps you can sponsor a ride a week, or perhaps several…
Each round trip ride costs $60
How many rides would you sponsor? How many lives would you help?
Your donation will enable us to provide continuous service. During her life, my mother’s actions were always guided by a powerful giving spirit. Zechus Chana was born out of our desire to properly honor her memory and perpetuate her special legacy of chesed.” Please partner with us by donating here. Donations are tax deductible.
Or Call 1-718-210-3276
If you are able to join our team of volunteer drivers, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.
058-640-5055 or e-mail [email protected]