World Bank Backs What Israel Has Been Saying – Most Of Donor Funds To Gaza Don’t Help Gazans


1Israel has been telling the international community that much of the donor funds given to Gaza by the international community never reaches the people of Gaza. The report is also critical of the PA (Palestinian Authority) and its spending habits.

Israel has been saying this for quite some time, reporting much of the donor funds infused into Gaza since Operation Protective Edge are not used to rebuild the civilian population but to strengthen the Hamas military regime.

The World Bank now announces that less than half of the donor funds to rebuild Gaza after Operation Protective Edge actually reach the Gazan economy and people.

The recent report cites unemployment in Gaza is 42% and 18% in PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous areas. The report also blames Israeli “restrictions” for the ailing Palestinians economy citing restrictions discourage investment and competition.

The bank is recommending a lightening of restrictions by Israel both in “The West Bank and Gaza”. The report also addresses the PA and the need to cut spending.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)