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The Decision Regarding Early Release For Rabbi Pinto Expected On Thursday

pintoThe hearing in a district court regarding the early release from prison for Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto was held on Monday morning as scheduled. As reported, a parole board voted to release the rabbi on Sunday, 22 Elul after serving seven months of a one-year term due to his deteriorating illness. The rabbi is receiving chemotherapy while serving his term.

The state appealed and this led to the district court hearing, seeking to reverse the decision and compel the rabbi to complete serving his sentence, as per the plea bargain agreement he signed with the prosecution.

The court heard the facts in the case and promised to announced the verdict on Thursday, 26 Elul. For the time being, the rabbi’s release was placed on hold and he remains in prison.

The closed-door appeal hearing began at 10:00AM on 23 Elul, with Justice Avraham Tal presiding.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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