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Sad State Of Mezuzos On IDF Bases – Over Half Are Pasul

1The question that many are now asking is why the IDF does not seem to have the necessary funds to make sure the mezuzos on basis are kosher. The Tzav Echad NGO has received testimony from soldiers that their rooms do not have a mezuzah while others are found to be pasul.

The NGO used its Facebook page to reach soldiers, asking them to takes photos of mezuzos and report to them. A special app was designed to facilitate this process, permitting the mezuzah to be inspected at the other end to determine its kosher status. Soldiers were asked to download the app, photograph mezuzos and send them in. It has already been determined that 50% of the mezuzos on IDF basis are pasul and this has not been addressed by the IDF Rabbinate.

YWN-ISRAEL reported this back in June 2015, and sadly, it appears outgoing IDF Chief Rabbi Brigadier-General Rafi Peretz has done little to correct the situation.

As was the case back in 2015, the IDF Spokesman explains efforts are made every year to replace pasul mezuzos, adding this time ‘There is no budgetary issue with this”, promising in the coming months, news mezuzos will be received.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Before anyone starts attacking the Israeli government it’s not so simple to assume IDF bases and barracks require mezuzos.

    The IDF Rabbbanut DOES put them up, but as a chumra, and without a berocha, due to the many doubts as to whether they are actually required.

    As I recall (and I’m sure I’m not remembering correctly), among the issues are that the bases are property of all of Israel’s citizens and therefore have the status of property jointly owned by Jews and non-Jews. Add to that that the soldiers who live in the barracks are also a mixture of Jews and non-Jews. Add to that, that soldiers are constantly moving from one place to another and it’s therefore not so simple that the barracks are to be considered mezuza-obligated dwellings.

    So, thank you to the IDF for providing the mezuzos nevertheless and hopefully the non-kosher ones will be replaced with kosher.

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