Minister Miri Regev Is Concerned Over The Funeral For Former President Peres And Possible Chilul Shabbos


d28fa370-4a29-4b5f-ad6a-cbfb30bb4a3cMinister of Culture & Sport Miri Regev made the following remarks on Wednesday, 25 Elul, at the start of the meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Symbols and Ceremonies:

“We are officially convening the ministerial Committee on Symbols and ceremonies, which today mourns the passing of former President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres. We are preparing for a very large and complex funeral that will coordinate very many elements. Here today is the Director General of the Foreign Ministry and the Jerusalem District Police commander, as well as representatives from the Defense Ministry, Knesset, and the Prime Minister’s Bureau, among others. We are, in effect, working to coordinate the entire effort.

“I would like to thank Minister Ofir Akunis and Minister Sofa Landver, who are present as members of the committee. We will work under the ‘Havatzelet’ protocol to facilitate a respectable funeral that will allow the citizens of the country and the world leaders who will arrive to pay proper respect to former President Peres. Therefore, as soon as the committee votes on its decisions, everyone will go to work in his area and we will meet from time to time on a more reduced basis to oversee coordination.

“There will be several centers: The airport, to which the leaders will arrive. The second center is the Knesset. The third is Mt. Herzl, including the interment itself.

“There are many elements here that we will need to coordinate so that everything goes smoothly and respectably, despite all the constraints we are under and the complexity of the event. There is also, of course, Shabbat that we must take into account and see that we finish on time so that all of the police and other elements working on the event can return home in time for Shabbat.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The security of all the participants at the levayah, especially the many visting heads of state and world leaders, along with the likely million or more Israelis who will want to show kavod for Peres should be their primary focus

  2. @Gadolhadorah your constant belittling of halacha is disgusting. At least there are some who have some respect for the Shabbat observance of the police and other people involved with running the funeral.

    Keep your crooked reform ideals to yourself.