Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Rail Line Being Extended To Reach The Kosel


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koselTransportation Minister Yisrael Katz is extending the line of the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem train to reach the Kosel. According to Katz, the train will continue via an underground tunnel for an additional two kilometers to the Kosel.

Katz feels the extension of the line will reduce the crowds at the Binyanei Ha’uma Station and the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. The route of the train will circumvent the Old City and stop in proximity to the Kosel. The train is expected to begin operating by Pesach 2018. According to the initial plan, the train line was to end at the new Binyanei Ha’uma station but it will now continue to the Kosel.

The fast train line budget is NIS 7 billion and the line will pass Ben-Gurion International Airport and Modi’in. The train will travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 28 minutes.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. an underground tunnel, in near or under the Old City?????

    You do realize they have to stop digging whenever they find something of archeological significance, or a grave? This does not sound like a good idea.

  2. To “Good Jew”

    Your own words speak much about your posting name….a truly “good” yid would want to attract ALL yidden to the kosel no matter what their background. It would be great if someone could leave their condo in Tel Aviv, take the train to Yerushalayim to spend an hour or two davening at the kosel and then return to their favorites café on Dizengorf before maariv. Even if they are not frum, they are yidden and anything that might bring them closer to hashem should be applauded, not trashed.

  3. #1- For once, I agree with you. Anywhere inside the old city would be an extremely complicated, expensive and, frankly, odd location for a train terminus.

  4. Ikvesa demeshicha. Somehow, all the Yidden will have to travel to the Bais Hamikdosh 3 times a year. With the wider highway being bult and now with the train, we are almost ready!