They said he would never win the nomination.

But he did.

They said he would never win the presidency.

But he did.

All week we have been hearing how he would lose. The pundits. The news anchors. The analysts. He had it all stacked against him.

But despite all odds, after a long and brutal campaign season, Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the United States.

Trump won the White House in a remarkable show of strength by the celebrity businessman and political novice who upended American politics with his bombastic rhetoric and calls for sweeping change.

Trump will be the first United States President without prior government or military experience, and the first without prior political experience since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Trump will also be the oldest first-term president; Ronald Reagan was older when he took office for a second term.

On June 16, 2015, Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States at Trump Tower in New York City. He drew attention to domestic issues such as illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the U.S. national debt, crime, and Islamic terrorism. He also announced his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Trump’s run for president received an unprecedented amount of free media attention–and much scrutiny.

A New York real estate developer who lives in a gold-plated Manhattan penthouse, Trump forged a striking connection with white, working class Americans who feel left behind in a changing economy and diversifying country. He cast immigration, both from Latin America and the Middle East, as the root of the problems plaguing many Americans.

A victory for Trump threatens many of President Barack Obama’s major achievements. The Republican has vowed to repeal Obama’s landmark health care law, revoke the nuclear agreement with Iran and rewrite important trade deals with other countries, particularly Mexico and Canada.

Clinton’s stunned advisers went silent for long stretches of the night. As the results rolled in, the candidate tweeted to supporters, “Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.”

Exit polls underscored the deep divisions that have defined the 2016 contest. Women nationwide supported Clinton by a double-digit margin, while men were significantly more likely to back Trump. More than half of white voters backed the Republican, while nearly 9 in 10 blacks and two-thirds of Hispanics voted for the Democrat.

If Trump pulls off the stunning upset, he’ll govern with a Congress fully under Republican control. The GOP fended off a Democratic challenge in the Senate, winning key races in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and the party also extended its grip on the House.

The 45th president will inherit an anxious nation, deeply divided by economic and educational opportunities, race and culture. The economy has rebounded from the depths of recession, though many Americans have yet to benefit. New terror threats from home and abroad have raised security fears.

Clinton asked voters to keep the White House in her party’s hands for a third straight term. She cast herself as heir to President Barack Obama’s legacy and pledged to make good on his unfinished agenda, including passing immigration legislation, tightening restrictions on guns and tweaking his signature health care law.

But she struggled throughout the race with persistent questions about her honesty and trustworthiness. Those troubles flared anew late in the race, when FBI Director James Comey announced a review of new emails from her tenure at the State Department. On Sunday, just two days before Election Day, Comey said there was nothing in the material to warrant criminal charges against Clinton.

The Republican Party’s tortured relationship with its nominee was evident right up to the end. Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush declined to back Trump, instead selecting “none of the above” when they voted for president, according to spokesman Freddy Ford.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, a reluctant Trump supporter, called the businessman earlier in the evening to congratulate him, according to a Ryan spokeswoman.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / AP)


  1. Donald Trump is the presumptive president-elect. Donald Trump is not yet the president. Sure, he will very likely become the president, but currently he is not.

    I estimate that I typically detect one or two similar types of errors each week in stories posted on TheYeshivaWorld. In other words, this is a common example of the TheYeshivaWorld’s slipshod reporting.

    The quality of TheYeshivaWorld has gradually deteriorated over the last couple of years. I suppose TheYeshivaWorld does not generate enough revenue for its owners to spend much time working on it.

  2. Congratulations to everyone for all your sincere tefillos and tehillim. They never go unanswered.

    Now start davening that it should go well. I.e. he’s the better of the two but he’s nowhere close to knowing how to run a country.

  3. Yekutiel, having a hard day? What is the point of your nasty post? “President Donald Trump” is a legitimate title at this time. All understand it to mean in the near future. Get a life!

  4. Yehutiel,
    Feeling “sore” fron your defeat last night? Don’t take it out on YWN. Be like all other liberals. Be intolerant toward a Trump supporter.

  5. Yekutiel – I have a feeling that you would not have had an issue with the headline had the outcome been different.
    And yes, we are eager to see a different name filling the title than the current president so forgive us for the excitement, even if a bit premature.

  6. So Satmar and Skver must declare a fast day and observe a week of shiva for this terrible terrible tragedy. Trump knows how they voted. He now knows that gelt is the most important thing in their heilige heilige religion. Moral values mean nothing. You can be michaneff the worst of the worst lowlifes as long as they deliver the $$$$$$$$$. HKBH is a non factor. Who needs him when you have immoral politicians who promise them gelt? As long as you eat only chalav yisroel & paas yisroel everything else is muttar. Good luck.

  7. I am very happy that Donald Trump has won.
    This is a total rejection of Barack Hussein Obama and all he stood for.
    So relieved that the Clintons will not be soiling the White House anymore.

  8. The election results look like the flag.
    Trump got the stars, and Hillary should be getting her stripes soon.
    She has been practicing wearing suits, lately.

  9. #6 Yekutiel, YWN brings their reports from Mainstream media, like all other news sites online and offline. For the truth, you have to listen or read non-Mainstream. Had you paid attention to what I’ve said all along that the Mainstream media are lying and full of propaganda to fool the American people and the world with their polls, you wouldn’t have been so disappointed. Hope you learned your lesson NEVER to trust the media as convincing as they sound (especially with negative reports on religious Jews).

  10. Now that half of the causes of Achdus is no longer an issue, Satmar factions could go back to fighting.
    Of course, there is always that hatred of the medina, which could unite them once in a while, outside the UN building…..
    Speaking of Hakuras Hatoiiiiv, Mr. Niederman, didn’t the Zionists have something to do with you guys having a living rebbe, after the war? Is Hillary that much better and more deserving?

  11. Trump is a terrible person and will be a terrible president. Hillary Clinton is the same, but that doesn’t make Trump any better.

  12. MarccoH

    You crack me up… with the stars and stripes.

    Just saying… We gotta start thanking Hashem everyday individually that America is standing safe and we’re safe here. And pray and beseech for our safe future.

  13. everyone celebrating: what do you think happens after he gets rid of mexicans and muslims? do you think he won’t move on to jews next? remember that hitler was elected too

  14. The Pasuk says in Divre HaYamim: “לְךָ ה’ הַמַּמְלָכָה. וְהַמִּתְנַשּא לְכל לְראשׁ”-The kingship belongs to Hashem; He is the one who appoints leaders. The Gemara says on this Pasuk that any person who holds any position in this world was chosen for it only by Hashem.

  15. Hey M,
    Why didn’t YOU run for that office?
    You seem to be decent, thought-out, modest, forgiving and kind individual, who could have been a beacon of light both for this nation and to the world entire.
    A shanda.

  16. “notgettinginvolved” and “marccoH” – Why oh why is it necessary to speak loshon horah about various sects of Chasidim. Do we hate other yidden so much that we have to denigrate them at any opportunity?!!! Shame on you!!!