Rabbi Eyal Karim Responds To High Court In Order To Explain Himself


1The state responded to the High Court of Justice, which froze the appointment of Colonel Eyal Karim as the next IDF Chief Rabbi. included in the state’s response is Rabbi Karim’s explanation regarding subjects found objectionable to the High Court.

Many rabbonim urged Rabbi Karim not to respond as they are outraged at the chutzpah of the High Court, which feels a rav has to explain halacha to them in order to be appointed as the Chief Rabbi of the IDF. Others were outraged at the court’s chutzpah for daring to question an appointment that was already approved by the IDF Chief of Personnel Branch, IDF Chief of Staff and Defense Minister.

Regarding his opinion on the inyan of Eishes Yifas Toar, Rav Karim explained he never has and never would condone attacking women in warfare and the subject is strictly a halachic one that is not applicable and should not be interpreted as acceptable practice for today.

Regarding his opinion dating back 15 years opposing women in the IDF, Rav Karim explains that he cannot change Halacha but he can find a way in which Halacha can accommodate new realities, and this includes women serving in the military. He promises that if appointed his policy will reflect this practice, accommodating females serving in the IDF.

And Rav Karim addressed the third objection, which was his outspoken view against toeiva and same-gender couples. He explained when he wrote about this many years ago he cited the pesukim and that the Torah prohibits it. Now he explains, years later, the medical community has found new information and he no longer feels these people are sick as he explained in the past, but the different theories that exist today that did not back then. He stated that nevertheless the Torah prohibits it but due to today’s new medical reality, one can have a different outlook to some degree.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This High-Court-on-Drugs would prefer a pope in the army over a Rabbi. And what do they need a Rabbi for anyhow if they decide when to desecrate Shabbos, when eating treif is permitted and everything else on their own?

  2. To Aryelah:

    Your rant against the highest court in EY is entertaining but irrelevant. Until z’man moishiach (or maybe even afterwards) these judges will have the final word on matters of administrative appointments to IDF positions, including rabbonim. Perhaps you should take your comedy routine to one of the stand-up comedy clubs on Dizengoff since they are in dire need of some new clowns.

  3. So to those who still need an explanation for why the IDF is seen as a cesspool of anti-religious thought and practice, please look at this unfortunate case and many others like it.

    Ultimately, even the rabbinate in the army have to answer to the rabid secularists who run the show.

    So who truly decided on chillul shabbos, beard shaving, davening allowances, and levels of kashrus etc.? How independent can a IDF rabbi ever truly be?

  4. #3 Ministers in the Israeli government are finally b”H waking up from their deep, deep slumber. Many of them, including Yaariv Levin, Ayelet Shaked, are working on changing the self-appointed-leftist-justice-for-life system to enable the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court even against the wishes of the current justices themselves. There’s hope that the Sodomite Court will be replaced soon.

  5. #3 Your words are nothing but Gadlus in Tipshus!
    I quote “Until z’man moishiach (or maybe even afterwards) these judges will have the final word…” Maybe even after Moshiach???? Huh!!

    Anyhow, this Rabbi is losing his Yiddishkeit over a little Kovod!!! Nebach!!