Trump And Obama ‘Talk Regularly’ And ‘Get Along Nicely’


trobPresident-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama spoke for about 45 minutes on Saturday — the day it was announced that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro had died.

Word of the private discussion comes from top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway.

She’s not saying what the two discussed, but she says the two men “talk regularly” and “get along nicely” despite strong disagreements on policy.

Conway tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “there’s a respect there.”

Conway won’t say what Trump might do after he becomes president with regard to U.S.-Cuban relations.



  1. They speak regularly – Obama keeps warning about preserving his “legacy”, which has no leg to stand on.
    They get along nicely – as long as BO keeps talking and Trump does the listening.
    There is respect there – Mr. O doesn’t put his feet on the executive desk, or imitate the fire hydrant pose, while speaking to the President Elect.