MK Moses: PM Netanyahu Has Driven A Knife In The Heart Of The Chareidi Sector


1MK Menachem Eliezer Moses has come out in the harshest terms against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who he accuses of “driving a knife into the heart of the chareidi sector”, adding “he understands only force and this is how we have to deal with him regarding a solution for the housing shortage”.

Moses spoke to Kol Chai Radio, referring to a meeting that is set to take place next week. Attending that meeting will be Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, Housing Minister Yoav Galant, and Avigdor Yitzchaki, who represents the housing section. Yahadut Hatorah will present the forum with its master plan to address the chareidi housing crisis.

Moses told Kol Chai this was seen regarding the draft issue, when PM Netanyahu was abroad but when the chareidim threatened not to back the budget over the matter, Mr. Netanyahu was quick to send his representative, Avichai Mandelblit to sign on the document to appease the chareidim.

Moses explained that he feels that the Prime Minister betrayed the chareidim based on his remarks to the recent Hamodia Economic Conference.

Moses also pointed out there are thousands of apartments in Rosh Ha’ayin and therefore, there is no reason chareidim should be expected to live in a Bedouin encampment in the south. He explains the plan is for over 13,000 apartments in Rosh Ha’ayin, which is close to Bnei Brak and he demands that some of these apartments be allocated for chareidim.

Moses also sees financial incentives such as a NIS 100,000 grant to those willing to buy a used apartment and he has submitted a bill for anyone willing to buy a second-hand apartment in a periphery community.

He feels that to date the government policy has been one of putting out fires, nothing more and it is time to approach the housing shortage head-on. “We are angry and shouting ‘gevald’’ added Moses, adding the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita, whom he represents in Knesset, has instructed him to make the housing issue a top priority in Knesset.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Wow, is the irony escaping anyone:

    (quote) He feels that to date the government policy has been one of putting out fires, nothing more and it is time to approach the housing shortage head-on. (end-quote)

    Yeah, dude, I bet putting OUT FIRES has been important to EVERYONE nowadays.

    I know you meant as a literary device, but still.

    Anyway, why don’t y’all just figure out a way to build some houses and sell them instead of just complaining? Do you need a Trump to come there and figure it all out for you?

  2. Perhaps MK Moses should take some time to visit a stabbing victim of Arab terrorism at a hospital, or attend a funeral of someone pierced in the heart, before using such disgusting terminology.
    By the way, for how many chareidim has this MK found jobs, which would allow them to purchase apartments?
    Perhaps ensuring that the multitude doesn’t receive the prerequisite higher education that would enable it to achieve financial independence is only a stab in the back, and it’s Netanyahu who aims for the ventricles.

  3. There are plenty of apartments available for normal size families at market prices. The issue he won’t come out and say is that they are looking for the government to offer housing that can comfortably accommodate families with 6-10 kids but priced at below market levels. That kind of wishful thinking doesn’t translate into a crisis. The chareidi tzibur needs to stop looking to the government but work directly with developers and find an economic model for cooperative style housing they can afford and realize that “bedroom sharing” for 2 or 3 kids will be a necessity. They should take whatever government subsidies are available to all and use those funds as part of their own housing development program and stop looking for the government to solve their own problems.

  4. Now if he wants to yell that the land authority should release more land for building and the zoning rules should allow for Charedi sized apratments, that would be a request that could be supported by all the Citizen’s of Israel. He is just being perfectly selfish but that’s not something we’ve seen before…….. or is it?