High Court Approves Rabbi Eyal Karim As Next IDF Chief Rabbi


1The High Court of Justice on Monday, 27 Cheshvan, announced Rabbi Eyal Karim may become the next IDF Chief Rabbi after the Meretz party pulled its petition seeking to block the appointment.

In light of Rabbi Karim’s response, Meretz pulled the petition, the court announced the petition is no longer relevant and the interim order preventing his appointment canceled, clearing the way for him to replace Rabbi Rafi Peretz as the IDF’s Chief Rabbi.

The court stated there was no point in continuing the hearing at this point, with the court expressing satisfaction from the rabbi’s response to the objections raised surrounding his appointment.

This clears the final hurdle and it is expected the military will reschedule the ceremony that was canceled to usher in the new Chief Rabbi while permitting Brigadier-General Rabbi Rafi Peretz to step down.

Karim, who is a colonel, will be promoted to the rank of brigadier-general with his new assignment.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)