Photo Essay: Toldos Aharon Rebbe Being Manchem Avel Lakewood Mashgiach Hagaon HaRav Matisyahu Solomon (Photos by JDN)


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  1. IMHO, photos at a Beis Avel, like its some kind of event, is in poor taste and lacks sensitivity to both the availim and the subject of the availus.

  2. With all due rspect, I beg to differ.
    For many it’s actually very encouraging to see two giants from different circles displaying such admiration towards each other.
    besides, as someone (among tens of thousands) who davens for the Holy Mashgiah’s wellbeing, it’s very inspiring to see him at least in photo.
    A lack o sensitivity? maybe, but I’d like to believe, if you were to ask the Mashgiach, who exemplifies “Oheiv es ha’Briyos”, He would be glad to serve as a vehicle of inspiration even amidst such great loss.
    Thank You, Dear YWN for providing those from afar to stay connected.