The Chesed Fund Shatters New Record with More than $2 Million Raised in Six Months!

0 has gone from generating a buzz to a full-fledged household name this year. As more and more people around the world have utilized its user-friendly system & groundbreaking fee-free policy, campaigns are being formed and thriving daily.

The only thing more impressive than The Chesed Fund’s astounding success, is the sheer diversity of its causes. A quick browse through the sleek website’s active campaigns shows a striking range: therapy for low-income special needs children, a woman seeking funding for her cancer treatments, relief for those who lost their homes in the recent Israeli arson fires, and of course many hachnasas kallah funds.

It seems clear that Jews of all walks of life have come to trust The Chesed Fund name with raising the money they need for the causes that are important to them. This would be enough success , if not for the fact that the site recently reached a monumental milestone: $2 MILLION raised in just six months!!

One might argue that this $2 million dollars represents not only a sum of money, but something greater: Different Jews in different countries all over the world, with different backgrounds and budgets, uniting through one ultimate cause — chesed.

The Chesed Fund has revolutionized the crowdfunding world by offering a completely free platform for those in need to raise money. is a free alternative to the high commission demands of GoFundMe.

Previously, GoFundMe had been a great resource to instantly raise funds for causes that required emergency funds.

However that came at a high price as GoFundMe collected 5% of donations aside from the high processing rates that users were required to pay.

A group of developers under the direction of Avi Kehat put in thousands of hours for the sake of chesed and to offer the Jewish world an alternative to the heavy taxing of donations executed by global crowdfunding sites.

Since its launch, The Chesed Fund has undergone a total revamping of the website – both in programming, as well as in design. This was done to accommodate the influx of heavy usage that was never anticipated.

“The ones who desperately needed funds were getting taxed from these crowdfunding sites and I felt that they were literally taking bread from mouths of widows, orphans and others in need.”

“The only fee involved is the credit card processing fees, we just couldn’t find a way around that,” says Kehat, senior developer at

The credit card processing is handled by ‘WePay’ which is a 3rd party credit card processor.

It seems The Chesed Fund has lived up to its name after all!