Poorly Placed Menorah Detected In Time


5Official from the Ministry of Energy operating in Beit Shemesh found one poorly placed menorah. The person was using gas meters as the base for his menorah, which could easily lead to catastrophic results.

The inspectors found this earlier in the week, before lighting for the third night of Chanukah. The menorah was atop a gas meter in the closet where the building’s gas meters are housed.

Inspectors notified the person and asks the tzibur to please take care and remain cognizant of surroundings before placing a menorah to avoid needless tragedy.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo: Energy Ministry via Media Resource Group)


  1. Why in a meter closet, when you can light in a doorway, by a window, on a table, in a cage on a wall/mirpesset? Are people so clueless? #stumpedonthisone

  2. It looks to me like “the fool” is the inspector. It’s hard to believe that anyone was planning to light in a closet. More likely, it was just stored there until it was time to light.

  3. That’s really unbelievable. If the person doesn’t have the sechel or a normal/safe place to put the menorah, then just don’t light at all. The mitzvah is for people with common sense and a knowledge of the danger of fire.

  4. Wow I guess you just became a poisik cause last time I checked the people who don’t have a chiiv is a chresh shotah and cottan and the German says what a chresh is so I guess from now on you shouldn’t light cause your stupid enough to make up a halacha never once in the gemra does it say one who lights Chanukah licht has to know fire safety go learn the sugya before you make something up

  5. To No. 2

    Its sort of a chelm-like version of hidur mitzvah. If the lights from a small chanukiyah is a mitzvah, think of how much greater the mitzvah will be the flame from a 4 inch, high pressure natural gas distribution line. I agree…people can be clueless as evidenced by the other timely story brought to us by YWN of those ehrleche yidden who were lighting a menorah with “plastic” oil cups that could melt and catch fire.