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Lehava Organization Speaks Out Against Arab Bus Drivers

1“It’s not good that the wheel is in Muhmad’s hands” is the new campaign of the Lehava organization headed by Bentzion Gupstein.

Speaking with Razi Barkai on Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on Monday morning 25 Teves, Gupstein explained “If an Arab bus driver who did not serve in the IDF goes to the Interior Ministry seeking a gun permit, he will be refused. When he receives responsibility for a bus full of soldiers, it is no less dangerous than giving him a gun”.

He added most of the councilmen in Kiryat Arba have turned to him to act for they are aware a bus can be a weapon. “I don’t want to wait until after the first incident” exclaimed Gupstein, who added “This is no different than residents of Um el-Fahm would not trust a hilltop youth to become their bus driver”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. they also are at the forefront of stopping assimilation in ISRAEL! due to the Zionists restricting authentic Jewish education in Israel, in Israel the most popular baby name is Mohammed, the Zionist dream.

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