4 Persons Arrested in Connection with Fatal 3 January Fatal Haifa Terrorist Shooting Attack


terThe following details have been cleared for publication regarding the shooting attack in Haifa, on 3 January 2017, in which Muhammad Shinawi, a resident of the Haifa neighborhood of Halisa, perpetrated three shootings resulting in the murder of Guy Kafri HY”D and the wounding of Rabbi Yechiel Iluz.

Shinawi, armed with a “Carlo” semi-automatic weapon, went to lower Haifa where he saw an chareidi Jew, followed him and shot him, severely wounding him. As he fled the scene, Shinawi shot at a Jewish woman whom he had noticed nearby; however, she was not injured. As he fled toward his neighborhood, he saw a Jewish man, and shot and killed him.

Shinawi continued his flight and hid the weapon, along with additional personal effects, in a wooded area near his parents’ home.

It was learned that, after the shootings, Shinawi was aided by two friends: Khaled Adel Saliman Abu Kaliv and Ihab Ayoub Mahmoud Yusef. Shinawi met them and asked them to help him to Brenner Street in Haifa. He admitted to them that he had carried out the shootings and informed them of his intention to steal a scooter from a food delivery person whom he had invited to the locale. He also requested, and received, from Yousef a sharp butcher’s knife for self-defense.

Following his arrest, Shinawi was investigated by the Shin Bet with the Israel Police. It was learned that he carried out the shootings for nationalist motives and hatred of Jews, that he deliberately targeted Jews.

In the Shin Bet investigation, it was learned that Shinawi’s hatred of Jews had intensified in recent years as he had become more religious and based on his understanding that Jews were “unbelievers who deserved death.”

During the investigation, a minor was detained and questioned on suspicion of having been sent by Shinawi, shortly before the shootings, to bring him the “Carlo” semi-automatic.

The State Attorney (Haifa District), on Monday 3 Shevat, in Haifa District Court, filed charges against Shinawi for – inter alia – murder, attempted murder and use of a weapon to carry out an act of terrorism.

Khaled Adel Saliman Abu Kaliv and Ihab Ayoub Mahmoud Yousef were indicted for – inter alia – being accessories to an act of terrorism and obstruction of justice.

The aforesaid minor was also charged for aiding Muhammad Shinawi.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)