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Hikind Shocked And Appalled At White House’s Omission of Jews on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

holAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) was shocked and utterly appalled after the White House released a statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, omitting Jews from the text of the statement Friday afternoon.

“It is utterly horrendous and unconscionable for President Trump and his administration to omit Jews from the text of his statement when talking about International Holocaust Remembrance Day,” Assemblyman Hikind said. “The Holocaust was undoubtedly a systematic attempt to annihilate the Jewish people, and the failure to acknowledge that is a desecration of their memory.”

Hikind added: “As a child of Holocaust survivors whose parents and grandparents went to Auschwitz, and as a representative of the largest population of Holocaust survivors in the U.S., it is egregious and a slap in the face to the millions of Jews whose lives were forever changed as a result of the Holocaust.”

Assemblyman Hikind suggested that while President Trump and his administration has been a good friend to Israel, the White House should issue a formal apology for excluding Jews when talking about Holocaust Remembrance Day. “This sets a terrible precedent and is so utterly disrespectful to the millions affected. It is my hope that President Trump acknowledges this horrible mistake and issues an apology to the Jewish community.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. I voted for Trump but Steve Bannon has too much to do with leaving out Jews in the realease. Bannon not Trump is a real Anti Semite and is very dangerous. I hope his Son In Law Kushner keeps Bannon in check. FYI to everyone don’t compare the current ban from some Muslim countries as racist. Jews did not come here in the 1930’s and kill Americans and yell Allah Akba. We lost 6 million yidden. How many Muslims are killed by fellow Muslims. Radical Islam and Barrack Obama is the problem not Trump.

  2. Wow. Chill. There are more important things in the world. And there are certainly more weighty matters that deserve this terminology. Did he really need to be “shocked, utterly appalled” and find it “horrendous, unconscionable, egregious, a slap in the face, utterly disrespectful, horrible mistake”

  3. One of the differences between Mr. Hikind and me: I am appalled, but not shocked, that the Trump administration would omit the Jewish “aspect” of the Holocaust. Actually, Jews were not an “aspect” of the Holocaust, they were the target, the focus. Our extermination was the essence of the Holocaust. Judenrein – a Jew-free Europe – was the goal, and the Nazis nearly achieved it.

    So the Trump administration is shamelessly stupid or openly anti-Semitic – take your pick. (I pick both.)

  4. #4, Hillary may have mentioned the Jews in the Statement, but her actions of allowing Muslims to flood into this country would’ve killed a lot of Jews. Trump may have been insensitive to omitting the Jews out of the Statement but his actions on cracking down on Muslims entering this Country will save a lot of Jews from being killed. So who is smarter at the end of the day?

  5. “I am shocked and appalled” is lingo that Dov uses at least three times a day & on Rosh Chodesh, 4X.

    In fact, he says it more often than Chuck E. ‘Shoomuh’ holds news conferences.

    As for huju’s comment above, I agree up until the last sentence. THAT needn’t be added!

  6. hikind has to find something else to do. who cares what the white says about the holocaust?? what difference would it make?? my goodness a more meaningless white house statement i cant imagine.

  7. I support president Trump 100% what ever he does, anyone whos not on the Trump train can have fun wallowing with the bitter liberals while Trump takes us to a new better place

  8. is he bored? is he upset he doesn’t get to have an opinion on what really matters or does he figure his name will get known if he’s the first person to complain about something? either thank you dov but no thank you, we don’t care…as long as he’s not denying the Holocaust then im good….Wether he adds the word jew in there or not will not change a thing.

  9. Re comment no. 4: How many Jews in the US were killed by Muslims in the years that Hillary was secretary of state? I think close to none, but you surely know, or you would not have said what you said, as you would have had no basis for saying it.

    Re comment no. 7: The last sentence of the brilliant comment 3 was necessary, because it was my statement.

    Re comment no. 8: You have an unduly narrow definition of “excluded.” If Jews are not mentioned in a statement about the Holocaust, how are they not “excluded.” Would it be better to say that the Trump comment on Holocaust Remembrance Day “omitted” any reference to the Jews? Yeah, that would fix it … not.

  10. 1. We all understand that Dov Hikind is trying to stay relevant.

    2. We also all understand Dov’s Knee Jerk responses that reflect “old time” Jewish Press/Kahana/Mizrachi approach.

    3. We are In Galus, We are lucky to Have elected a common sense President. Try not to make him think we are all “old time” jewish pests.

    As Chazal say ” Mila B’selah, Sh’tikah B’tray”.

    Sometimes being quiet is more effective then showing “outrage”.

  11. He dudnt exclude jews when you hear the word Holocaust you automatically associate it with the jewish people you think trump doesnt know that you think trump doesnt think tge jews got annihilated his son in law is a jew you think he forgot dov do you need everything your way. Sometimes your right but some times you just act like al sharpton who is just trying to make problems

  12. Dov’el’e mein kind, you needn’t get your pretty beard bent outa shape over this. “The Holocaust” by definition has been established to be “the nearly successful annihilation of all jews”. So when the Trump administration uses the term Holocaust that is what they meant. Now get back to work and try for once not to make too big of a fool of yourself, avoid chillul hashem at all cost and keep in mind that the vast majority of your constituents voted for AND STILL BACK OUR PRESIDENT.

  13. Just imagine if Obama had issued that statement. All of you would have been hysterically screaming about him being a Muslim anti-semite, and how the left is denying the unique effect of the holocaust on the Jewish people. But I am neither appalled or shocked nor surprised. He’s already backtracking on the embassy. Who wants to take bets on the wall? G-d help us all..

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