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The Photos Making Headlines In Israel: Police Officer With Bloody Face After After Assault By Yeshiva Bochur At Hafganos

hafAs YWN reported earlier, protests were held around Eretz Yisroel on Tuesday evening after a Yeshiva Bochur was arrested at an anti-IDF protest on Sunday evening. The Bochur was not released, but instead was handed over to Military Police who learned he is wanted for failing to report for service and is now being held without bail in a military jail.

Some of the protests turned violent and around 50 Bochrim were arrested.

The attached photo immediately dominated the headlines as well as social media in Israel.

Police released the following statement:

Police arrested a minor who assaulted an officer causing facial injuries. He was transferred to headquarters for questioning. Israel Police will have a zero tolerance towards protesters breaking the law, and will arrest those breaking laws and will bring them to justice.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Most of the time it’s violent police attacking chareidim. This time the police got it. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the police when they’re the ones dragging religious boys into the secular army to secularize them? Why don’t they go after the 50% secular draft dodgers instead of yeshiva boys. CHAREIDIM HAVE NO BUSINESS IN A SHMAD ARMY whether they’re in yeshiva or not. PERIOD. Police should STOP INCITEMENT against chareidim.

  2. Sometimes one cannot tell whether a comment was sarcasm or real or just pain absolute ignorance or paid propagandist. So much falsehood, but for lack of time I pick one item of many. Civilian Police do not go after draft dodgers. The Military Police is the only authority that can do that. Civilian Police are involved here because of illegal activity (as example blocking roads as a minimal, often escalating to vandalism) during so-called “protest”.

  3. Hmmm. Interesting choice of words to describe the arrested individual… “Yeshiva Bochur”? Wouldn’t that imply someone is learning, and not out in the streets protesting and inciting mayhem? Or is it bain hazmanim now?

  4. remember from this picture there is no EVIDENCE at all that this Bochur Hit or caused any violence .All it shows is , a boy being arrested ..

  5. This time a picture is NOT worth a thousand words, it lies!
    Leave Torah Jews out of the army.
    They are defending Israel, as without Torah NOTHING goes!

  6. This was just test – whoever can bloody a officer with his bare hands definitely passes – give him a gun and put him on the front line

  7. #1PERIOD , every citizen, yeshiva Bochur or not must apply for exemption at the IDF cemetery as Rav Steinman shlit”a says. PERIOD!!!

  8. Thank You Yeshiva World for succeding in making a chilul Hashem again.

    Of course it’s wrong. But this does not belong on a website.

  9. It’s a shame the atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli police on the chareidim for 50 years never makes national headlines.

    The brutality that I previously witnessed on innocent protesters (protesting then against voting in elections) was disturbing in the extreme. The police weighed in with batons and horses without provocation.

    The fault of some of these protests turning violent must be placed on the unprofessional conduct of the police who seem incapable of controlling protests without violence, and allow themselves to get wound up and lash out.

    They practice controversial techniques like kettling and bringing in horses and batons, most of the time without just cause.

    This minor should be taught not to resist arrest, and cut his nails and apologise but I’m very doubtful the police didn’t contribute to the violence, given their history.

  10. Sorry contributors bhyy is right All chareidim if not working should be learning not causing a chilul Hashem confronting police or anyone else. Even Bnei Torah have to accept it is Torah that will save Klal yisroel not the way they are dressed! And definitely not the way some of them misbehave. If they can antagonise the Israeli authorities they can go on the army and fight lsrael’s true enemies

  11. #8 Not as simple as you make it. Different shittos.

    Rav Steinman’s talmidim should follow Rav Steinman’s ruling,
    Rav Auerbach’s talmidim should follow Rav Auerbach’s ruling,
    the Gerer Rebbe’s chassidim should follow their Rebbe’s ruling,
    the Slonimer chassidim should follow their Rebbe’s ruling,

    #13 There’s no chillul Hashem, if anything, it was a kiddush Hashem. An no, yeshiva boys not learning are not mechuyev to become Jewish goyim.
    BTW Israel’s true enemies are the chareidim.

  12. Sorry Aryeh yeshiva boys not learning are liars and thieves. They hide behind the mask of yeshiva to avoid military service and abuse the hard earned tzedoko people give to keep the yeshiva solvent.And yes this was a chilul Hashem as it further endorses the bad name given to Torah . As to lsrael’s true enemies these are the people who want to wipe it and its population off the face of the earth.

  13. #15 You obviously don’t know the truth and only know what you hear from Fakestream media. Many yeshiva bachurim, go down with a form, like good law abiding boys, only to be “literally” dragged into the army right then and there. And this is the problem. Do some homework and you’ll see for yourself.

    BESIDES, our gedolim are against chareidim joining the shmad army whether they’re in yeshiva or not.

    And #3, how dare you’re motzi shem on holy yeshiva boys and call them liars and thieves. The Baal Shem Tov and other tzaddikim say, one sees negative traits in other Jews what they’re guilty of themselves…

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