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Trump’s Visits To Florida Costing Sheriff $1.5 Million In Over Time

trThe Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department has racked up $1.5 million in overtime costs while assisting the Secret Service since President Donald Trump was elected in November.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw says he’s confident the money will be reimbursed by the federal government. The county’s administrator, Verdenia Baker, says she hopes he’s correct.

The Palm Beach Post reports the county has sent letters to federal officials seeking reimbursement for security costs during a five-day Trump visit to his south Florida estate called Mar-a-lago in November. The costs were originally estimated at $250,000, but Bradshaw says it will be closer to $300,000.

Bradshaw says the security costs are amounting to about $60,000 a day during Trump’s visits. Trump stayed at Mar-a-lago 16 days in December. He has returned for two weekends so far in February.


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  1. the left media is just not letting go. they will have a comment (usually unfavorable) on every step the president takes. i never once heard about how much all of obama’s golfing vacations cost the taxpayer. how come? they are out to get him and they won’t stop till he drops. my fear is that eventually, he will. he’s only human. no one can take that much scrutiny. i must say that, on this issue, that i am ashamed to be living in a country that allows such yellow journalism. it’s disheartening!

  2. Don’t believe the hype!

    Obama cost tax payers $30 million for each Hawaiian vacation he took. Obama was obsessed with vacations. I’d love to know the total cost to tax payers for all his undeserved vacations!

    But the fake news outlets will never reveal!

  3. Lots of news outlets reported on the costs of Pres. Obama’s golf and travel. YWN even reported that, according to Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Michelle Obama took a trip with her daughters that cost taxpayers $200 million. Fake news goes back a long way.

  4. Since his wife doesn’t seem to want to go to the White House, expect Trump to spend a lot of time in New York and Florida. It seems to me that the taxpayers of places where presidents choose to spend their leisure time shouldn’t be stuck with the bill. It should be the responsibility of the Federal government.

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