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Finally! Daily Sikum Hashas is Available in English!


Under the guidance of Gedolei Yisroel, Rav Pinchas Rosenbaum has recently launched Sikum Hadaf in English. Sikum Hadaf is a few minute audio review of the daily daf.

V’shinantem she’yihiyu divrei Torah mechudadim b’picha (Kiddushin 30a):

You should study the words of Torah diligently so they will be well-versed in your mouth, that in the event that someone asks you a question, you shouldn’t struggle to answer him but rather know to answer immediately.

A few years ago, Reb Pinchas fell ill and the doctors gave him mere months to live. Shocked into action by the prognosis, and in hopes of increasing his zchusim, he made the decision, once again to be actively Marbitz Torah, in the form of restarting the Sikum hadaf project.

With this conviction, Reb Pinchas went to visit Reb Chaim Kanievsky for a brachah and guidance. Reb Chaim then advised Reb Pinchas on how to write the Sikum, advising him on what to focus on and what was not necessary. Reb Chaim also encouraged him to spread this project, saying “it is a mitzvah to publicize this, for anyone who cannot repeat what he has studied, has not fulfilled the mitzvah of learning Torah.” And so, with Reb Chaim’s bracha and support, Reb Pinchas went full steam ahead.

At first he started writing a daily Sikum – a daily summary of the Daf Yomi – which would get sent out by email to anyone who signed up. Quite quickly, the email listing grew by leaps and bounds.

Soon thereafter, the project caught the attention of a benefactor who undertook the financing of a physical publication. Every two weeks, 20,000 pamphlets are printed – separate publications with two weeks’ worth of sikumim called ‘mechudadim’ and consist of sikumim for the next 14 daf. These publications are distributed in Shuls and Kollels throughout Israel.

“This four-minute synopsis every day is enormously important. It gives a framework, so when you’re learning, you can put all the pieces into one place,”, says Rav Nosson Sherman, Editor in Chief, Artscroll/Mesorah.

Recently, his illness has worsened; Reb Pinchas continues to search for more ways to spread Torah. He began recording – at first in Hebrew, now in English as well – the Sikum Hadaf, which can be accessed through popular phone hotlines such as Kol Halashon in Israel and in the US.

Within the next few weeks we will be launching a Sikum Hadaf website, but you can listen to English summaries on Kol Halashon:

• 02081917000 ext. 10 in the UK
• 7189066400 ext. 10 in the USA

In the Zchus of being marbitz Torah Rav Pinchas Ben Feige Miriam should have a Refuah Shelemah!

If you would like to receive the daily sikum in audio or print format or for more information please e-mail: [email protected]

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