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UPDATED: Three In Custody In Connection With Failed Times Square Bombing

The FBI raided a home in Watertown Thursday morning in connection with the Times Square bomb plot investigation.

FBI spokesperson Gail Marcinkiewicz told CBS station WBZ-TV in Boston the raid was one of several being conducted in the northeast United States in the probe.

“The searches are a product of evidence that has been gathered in the investigation subsequent to the Times Square bombing investigation,” she said.


Authorities began searching Thursday morning a location on Waverley Ave. in Watertown, Mass., just east of Boston, an FBI spokeswoman told The Boston Globe.

“There’s no known immediate threat to the public or active plot against the United States,” said FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcinkiewicz.

Marcinkiewicz said search warrants had been executed at “several locations in the Northeast,” including the Boston suburb.

“The searches are the product of evidence that has been gathered in the investigation” of the Times Square attempt, she said.

Two people have also been taken into custody for alleged immigration violations, she said. It was unclear where those suspects were picked up.

UPDATE FROM CNN: Raids by federal agents in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey on Thursday are focused on a system of “cash couriers” who bring money into the United States from overseas, a source close to the investigation said.

Thursday’s raids stemmed from the investigation into the failed car bombing attempt in New York’s Times Square on May 1, but investigators have not conclusively determined whether the courier system was tied to that plot, the source told CNN.

Some of that money is thought to have been made available to finance operations like the abortive Times Square attack. The source says two individuals have been under surveillance at least since Wednesday, but could not confirm that they were the two individuals arrested in the raids Thursday.

The source says there is no direct evidence linking those under surveillance to the courier system, but they are being investigated for possible links. The man charged in connection with the Times Square attack, Faisal Shahzad, continues to provide information to investigators, the source added.

Investigators were searching locations in and around Boston, Massachusetts, and in New York and New Jersey, a federal law enforcement source said.

UPDATE FROM NY1: Federal officials say that three people have been taken into custody in connection with the investigation into the failed car bombing in Times Square.

According to the Associated Press, two of the men have a “direct connection” with Faisal Shahzad, the Connecticut man responsible for parking an explosives-filled SUV in Times Square earlier this month.

They are being held on immigration violations.

The three were taken into custody following raids at locations across the northeast.

An FBI spokeswoman stressed that there is no known immediate threat to the public.

Earlier today, the FBI was aided by the Suffolk County Police Department in raiding buildings on Long Island.

And, according to the Associated Press, an FBI official in Philadelphia says agents were at locations in Camden, N.J., and Cherry Hill, N.J., following up on leads that he declined to specify.

Police have also cordoned off a small house in the Boston suburb of Watertown. Authorities also raided a gas station.

A federal criminal complaint says Shahzad has admitted to abandoning an SUV filled with propane tanks, gasoline and fireworks in Times Square on May 1st. The explosives failed to ignite and Shahzad was captured several days later.

He has yet to make a court appearance, and officials say he is cooperating with the investigation.

(Source: WCBSTV / CNN / NY1)

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  1. Unfortunately, some other REALLY STUPID media outlets promoting THE PUBLIC’S RIGHT TO KNOW are really helping the terrorists get in right chas v’sholom next time. The New York Post, for example, states specifically that 1)the terrorist used the wrong fertilizer and 2)they interviewed the person who sold the fireworks to the terrorist who said that “he obviously didn’t know what he was doing otherwise he would know that M1s must be lit individually”.

    Now that the terrorist’s fellow travelers can learn from his mistakes……

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