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Exhumation of Barzilai Bones Completed

Israel Antiquities Authority officials on Monday announced they have completed the work of removing the bones found on the proposed building site of Barzilai Hospital’s fortified emergency room. This clears the way to begin constructing the new fortified emergency room which is intended to serve the area in the event of renewed missiles attacks.

The operation began on motzei shabbos, under the protection of some 700 police troops, limiting protests to marginal interference.

According to archaeologists operating on the scene, they were correct and the bones exhumed from the location were undoubtedly those of non-Jews, “pagan bones” they reported, seeking to allay criticism of the government action.

Some members of the dati leumi camp painfully question why there was no mesirus nefesh by Atra Kadisha and others in 2005, when the government of Ariel Sharon exhumed the kevarim in Gush Katif, kevarim that were definitely those of yidden, but here, when it was all but certain that the bones were those of non-Jews, they are willing to endure police batons and arrest to halt the operation.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. The Dati Leumi attitude is correct.
    Especially as it seems the bones on the hospital site are not those of Jews whereas the deceased in Gush Katif are definitely those of our Brethern
    Let the issues be handled by the Rabbonim who are well placed to negotiate with the government.
    Let the young men concentrate on learning in Yeshiva or Kollel.
    They violent actions are a Chilul HaShem and disgrace the Torah

  2. I hate to break it but these Mizrochniks are experiencing a bout of Al Sharpton syndrome. There is a huge difference between leaving graves for the arabs to plunder (as they did to the shuls because the mizrochniks insisted that they not relocate them) to a so-called jewish state’s plundering of graves in its own country.

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