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Diaspora Jews Fearful in Light of Anti-Israel Sentiment

The growing anti-Israel sentiment around the world is cause for legitimate concern for many, including the 18,000 strong Turkish Jewish community.

Since the Gaza flotilla affair, many fearing for their lives as Turkish citizens take to the streets in growing numbers against Israel. Albert Pinto, a member of that community, is quoted telling the daily HaMevaser that he was born in Turkey in 1948. All his children and grandchildren were also born in Turkey.

“What we are hearing in the media is not pleasant. Why did they kill those people? They were nice people who simply wished to help, Pinto is quoted as asking.

The situation in France is also worrisome; with many local Jews fearing the incidents of recent days may snowball into a wave of anti-Semitism and attacks.

In Paris, it is reported that local police approached leaders of the Jewish community to inform them that a major anti-Israel rally would be taking place on Saturday in Republic Square, and from there, marchers would be heading to different areas of the city. The police requested that the rabbis and community leaders inform their congregants to remain at home while the anti-Israel event was taking place.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. I am glad that YWN is posting continuing coverage of this situation, both the news events as well as the “fallout” and the impact it is having on all of our psyches. This has been on the rise for a while now and I hope that we will all wake up and take the approach of Yaakov, ( as many others on this forum have suggested), tefilla, matana and preparation for milchama. Keep your eyes open and your head down.

  2. Since I do not reside in France, can someone please tell me if every time a missle is lobbed from Gaza at Israel… Is there an anti-arab demonstration with the police telling the arabs that they should stay indoors?

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