Egypt Targeting Citizens Married to Israelis


Following the Gaza flotilla which has launched a wave of anti-Israel statements and actions, Egypt appears to be joining in, after a Cairo court on Saturday upheld a ruling to strip Egyptian me of their citizenship, targeting an estimated 30,000 men married to Israeli women.

Supreme Administrative Court Justice Mohammed al-Husseini will call on the nation’s cabinet to take the required action, striping the men and their children of Egyptian citizenship. This unique ruling is not subject to appeal, but it states that each case will be weighed individually.

Attorney Nabil al-Wahsh, who pushed the case, feels the move is essential towards preventing the rise of a generation that is not loyal to Egypt and the Arab world at large. He does not believe children of such mixed marriages should be permitted to honor of military service.

Apparently, following the 1990 Gulf War, thousands of Egyptian came to Israel seeking employment and many married Israeli women.

It appears the 1979 Camp David Peace Agreement between Israel and Egypt does not prevent Cairo from promoting this discriminatory policy against Israelis.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Somehow I don’t think this Egyptian policy will merit denunciation at the UN’s next anti-racism conference. Somehow I’m quite sure it will devolve to another Israel bashing fest, only this time, to make it a little worse and to add even more irony, it will be with the approval and participation of a minority US president.

    I find the non-Jewish world’s hypercritical focus on Israel’s obviously justified self-defense a source of pride; it elicits a grateful recognition of the amazingly high moral platform from which we peer down at so much of the rest of the world. Turkey, Ireland and Egypt were clarion reminders this week of why we, specifically, were able to be meqabel the taryag mitzvohs. The persistence in wrongdoing of the likes of Egypt, which go unnoticed and uncriticized on a world stage transfixed with hyperbolic, bloodcurdling Israel criticism, are stark reminders of how opposite our spiritual and moral fiber is from those who hunger to hurt the Jews and who know no boosha, and whose only interest in charity toward the “Palestinian” Arabs is dual use materiel aid such as the concrete necessary to build Qasam rocket launchers.

    What is difficult to understand is how we are meant to illuminate the way for nations so involved with opposing the Torah we represent. The fact that they will turn to righteousness automatically as a consequence of our own observance is in itself a nes. May we be zoche to witness that b’meheyra b’yameinu.